The Programmatic Prominence- Why Programmatic will Dominate the Future of Advertising

Sep 12, 2018 | Industry Updates

Programmatic ad spending has been increasing since its first introduction into digital marketing strategies; this is made evident in Nanigans report that shows a $15.43 billion total programmatic spend for 2015. This caliber of spending places programmatic ads at 59 percent of the digital advertising display market, rushing past traditional paid ads.

Programmatic advertising is achieving its success by using data-driven targeting to deliver the ad inventory you want with an automated system, instead of spending time manually handling these tasks. It provides a great deal of control over who sees your paid search ads, and it will come to no surprise that we are starting to see a programmatic shift into mobile devices.


Mobile Programmatic Prominence

As with any emerging demographic there are barriers to entry and hurdles to jump. Mobile programmatic found its first issue in acquiring customer data and successfully tracking them due to the incompatibility of cookie usage on mobile devices. But in this new world of constant innovation, they figured it out. Cookie-less tracking methods such as Facebook logins and other digital profiling created the conditions needed to rapidly grow mobile programmatic advertising to the point it is at now. eMarketer reports current mobile programmatic spending is $9.33 billion, a majority of the market, and it’s projected to far outpace desktop spending in 2017 with a $20.45 billion annual take.

Mobile customer behavior provides quality marketing opportunities, with AdAge reporting 60 percent of mobile usage time was spent engaging with digital retail content. Mobile users respond well to relevant ads, research products in-store and during micro-moments and offer many profitable opportunities if you’re ready to take advantage of mobile ad inventory.


MatchCraft AdVantage Innovation

So, when you are looking to identify a scalable, diverse and proven method of building and deploying your paid search campaigns, look to MatchCraft’s Advantage platform. We provide a tsunami of innovative features for riding the programmatic wave. Our complex bidding algorithm is built around top performing, historical data regardless the verticals you or your clients reside in. A global estimator tool lets you know the expected ad inventory available, and Google Analytics integration creates a user-friendly environment for tracking ROI and other important metrics. As programmatic advertising becomes even bigger, an effective platform for managing multiple programmatic advertising campaigns is necessary to keep up with business needs.