What it’s like Being the Female CEO of an International Business feat. Sandy Lohr

Sep 13, 2017 | Industry Updates

Businesses today interact without walls, without borders. An international playing field lends unique challenges and opportunities for businesses and employees. And women, in particular, are breaking the glass ceiling at an unprecedented international level.

We’re thrilled that our very own CEO, Sandy Lohr, was interviewed on this very topic on the international program on Voice of America, “Leadership Beyond Borders,” hosted by Kimberli Lewis.

Sandy is just one CEO in a world where women comprise of just 7 to 18% of all CEO positions, varying on the country.

Sandy Lohr

Sandy is a mother, a media executive, a tech enthusiast, a leader; she’s also passionate about working with non-profits and the performing arts. In the interview, Sandy shares her story, how she started from the ground floor and worked her way up, initially in media ad sales and later in management in the newspaper world. She talks about how she believes her work ethic (and her comfort with rolling up her sleeves) has gotten her to where she is today.

The show focused on what it takes to be an international CEO, from a woman’s perspective.


A few topics covered:

  • How can women group together to share experiences and support each other in the international arena
  • What it takes to be an international CEO, regardless of gender
  • How to handle prejudices
  • Why the numbers are so low for women in leadership positions
  • Cultural differences around the world in regard to diversity and leadership

You can listen in to the interview here: