What We Love About the Google Ads API

Sep 22, 2020 | Industry Updates

Yesterday morning, Google announced that their long-anticipated Google Ads API was officially moving out of Beta into general availability. The engineers at MatchCraft have been using the Google Ads API since its beta availability in 2018 and have been quite pleased with several impactful improvements over the AdWords API. Working closely with the team at Google has afforded us the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the development process. Here’s a look at some of the highlights identified by engineers Kevin Nguyen and Vipin Sharma.

Unlike the Google AdWords API that utilized SOAP, the Google Ads API utilizes gRPC to transport data. gRPC uses less memory, can re-use connections to avoid repetitive expensive connection handshakes, and enables streaming API for querying large reports.  An incredibly beneficial enhancement for platforms like adVantage dealing with large scales of accounts and campaigns.

The use of a builder pattern in the Google Ads API makes it easy to compose complex objects without having to declare too many variables. Coupled with the unification of reporting and queries along with the introduction of the Google Ads Query Language, the new API provides developers with tangible benefits.

Perhaps the most recognizable benefit for our partners is the elimination of the need to whitelist Google Ads managers in order to use the Budget Order Service API for adding Billing Setup and Account Budgets. Translation: the time it takes to on-board new resellers and agencies can decrease by several days!

As Google has noted, the AdWords API will continue to be supported until further notice, but the team at MatchCraft is excited that more developers can now enjoy the enhanced functionality that we’ve had the benefit of working with for the past two years.


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