Digital Advertising Insights: Q4 2023 Taxonomy Report

Jan 29, 2024 | Blog, Knowledge Center

The much anticipated MatchCraft Q4 US Taxonomy Category Report for 2023 is finally here! When it comes to digital advertising, keeping your finger on the pulse is the name of the game. For campaign managers seeking to boost their client’s online presence, MatchCraft’s Q4 2023 US Taxonomy Category Data offers a treasure trove of digital advertising insights that are just what you need to level up your advertising strategy.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

The Great Reveal

These insights are your secret weapon for pinpointing the business verticals that are high performers in Q4 2023. Let’s get into the details:

1. Boosted CTR and Slashed CPC

  • An impressive 25% of campaigns amped up their Click-Through Rate (CTR), meaning they are locking in 6% more customer clicks than Q3.
  • 64% of campaigns said goodbye to their Cost Per Click (CPC), which means they’re spending less while gaining more. Going steady, increasing by 1% from last quarter.

2. Categories with Top Impression Share:

  • 50% of campaigns grew their top impression share in Q4, slightly down from 58% in Q3. This signifies that they are continuing to secure visibility in search results. 
  • 34% of campaigns continue to celebrate a surge in overall spending power. Down slightly from 44% in Q3.

Shining a Light on the Standout Categories

This quarter, some categories are shining bright, showing phenomenal performance across all key metrics. In the rest of the report, we talk about the categories with the most potential YoY and QoQ.

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