Press Mention – MatchCraft’s Automated Responsive Search Ads

Jul 9, 2020 | Newsroom

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 9, 2020 — MatchCraft, the leading platform for selling and managing digital marketing campaigns at scale, recently introduced it’s latest offering Automated Responsive Search Ads. MatchCraft’s Automated Responsive Search Ads feature was developed to streamline & automate the process of setting up and provisioning Google’s Responsive Search Ads (RSA) format.

The Automated Responsive Search Ads feature utilizes proprietary MatchCraft technology that allows RSAs to be quickly created at scale, in MatchCraft’s adVantage™ platform, using headlines and descriptions from existing Enhanced Expanded Text Ads (EETAs). MatchCraft’s solution provides a library of EETAs in 23 languages providing an opportunity for automated multi-lingual campaigns. Since the process is completely automated, campaign managers can easily provision RSAs at scale for their advertisers’ campaigns.

MatchCraft’s reseller and agency partners can now efficiently offer Google’s latest ad tech to their advertisers and provide them with the benefits of increased relevance, improved performance, and wider reach potential reported with the use of RSAs. MatchCraft’s clients welcomed the Automated RSA feature with much excitement and to date, more than 30,000 RSAs have been provisioned using the Automated RSA feature.

The Automated RSA feature offers major time savings to MatchCraft’s reseller and agency clients as it enables them to automate the set-up, provisioning & ongoing management of RSAs. It also gives them the ability to implement RSAs for multiple advertiser campaigns in a scalable and efficient manner. Based on MatchCraft’s own testing, the Automated RSA feature saves campaign managers an average of 23.35 minutes per campaign.

Clients who have used the Automated RSA functionality in tandem with MatchCraft’s bulk editing tool have been able to save hundreds of hours in campaign set up time. In March, a Belgium based MatchCraft client was able to create RSAs for 600 campaigns at once by turning on Automated RSAs in bulk for existing campaigns. An operation that would have taken 233 hours, only took about 5 minutes to complete.


“We are pleased to have introduced yet another ground-breaking feature for our clients and their advertisers,” said Sandy Lohr, CEO, MatchCraft. “The Automated RSA feature not only provides significant time savings for our clients, it benefits the advertiser with an additional layer of machine learning to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

MatchCraft welcomes the opportunity to discuss our proprietary Automated Responsive Search Ads solution in detail. Schedule a demo with us or get directly in touch with our SVP of Business Development, Brad Petersen, at +1 888 502-7238. We look forward to learning more about your digital marketing needs and how we may be a match for you to scale your business with the efficiencies and performance of our adVantage™ platform.


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