A Beginner’s Guide to MatchCraft’s Platforms for Digital Marketing

Aug 16, 2023 | Blog

With such a demanding schedule, many digital marketers face the challenge of selling, managing, and mastering quality digital ad campaigns.

But with MatchCraft’s proprietary in-house bidding/budgeting technology and campaign management solutions, you can oversee all your paid search, social, and display accounts in just one place.

When you integrate our platforms for digital marketing into your workflow, you’ll reduce the time and effort spent on each campaign while also putting your clients’ goals within reach.

MatchCraft’s Capabilities & Platforms for Digital Marketing

MatchCraft Platform

A leading white-label digital marketing platform, MatchCraft helps you sell and manage your online advertising campaigns with ease.

Dynamic and data-driven, MatchCraft includes features not readily available when working with publishers directly, including:

  • Keyword and ad copy library: Helps you quickly and easily create campaigns with MatchCraft’s keyword and ad copy library.
  • Multi-channel bid and budget optimization: Replaces time spent on manual bid management by utilizing an algorithm that allocates budget toward the channels, searches, displays, or socials delivering the highest yield.
  • Merchant center: Lets you demonstrate the value of your clients’ campaigns using an easily navigable, fully white-labeled dashboard with campaign performance results updated daily.
  • Dynamic number replacement and call tracking: Automatically tracks phone calls generated by each campaign for easier optimizations and better results.

With MatchCraft, you get the resources you need to take on more clients, grow your business, and keep your campaigns running at peak operational efficiency.

MatchCraft Taxonomy

MatchCraft’s Taxonomy is all about the foundation of a successful paid search campaign.

While MatchCraft takes the cake for ongoing management of your campaigns, our Taxonomy gets down to their most basic building blocks: keywords, ad copy, and business categories.

Using MatchCraft’s Taxonomy, you can quickly and easily set up new accounts and search campaigns with just a few keystrokes, all made possible by our:

  • Keyword library: Category-based library with 2,500+ different verticals for local SMBs in 22 languages and dialects. Plus, you get the ability to create new libraries in just about every language.
  • In-language ad copy: Results-driven ad copy for thousands of industries, developed by native language speakers boasting in-depth knowledge of the local market.
  • Multi-tiered business categories: Tiered category structure that allows you to add broad and granular categories in response to global and local events.

When you leverage our Taxonomy, higher-achieving campaigns and a better return on your clients’ ad dollars are just around the corner. And, you don’t have to do nearly the same amount of heavy lifting to get those winning results.


Because the automotive industry is its own separate realm, it’s only right it gets an exclusive, fully automated search marketing platform.

MatchCraft Auto works 24/7 behind the scenes to help dealerships reap maximum results by optimizing ads, placements, and bids. Platform users remain in the driver’s seat of their campaigns, but MatchCraft Auto comes in to handle things like:

  • Dynamically generated ads and keywords: Generates and supplies ads and keywords to search engines based on your most recent inventory feed.
  • Customized ads by inventory: Creates inventory-specific ad copy and keywords for each vehicle’s year, make, and model.
  • Help with managing multiple campaigns: Fuses inventory data with specific ad copy templates and keywords so you can manage large volumes of campaigns at scale.
  • An informational reporting dashboard: Provides full transparency into your performance metrics, letting you keep a pulse on all your advertising efforts.

MatchCraft Auto displays ads based on the make, model, and year of available vehicles. Once consumers click on an ad, they are taken to a landing page specific to the vehicle they’re looking for. In the background, the automated bid and budget management feature works to ensure steady pacing with your budget and a maximum return.

This way, you sell more vehicles for the same amount of ad spend—a win-win for both you and all your automotive clients.

YouTube Video Ads

According to Google, YouTube ranks #1 in reach and watch time among all ad-supported streaming services.

For those digital marketers looking to the king of streaming to get their ads seen, MatchCraft offers the perfect solution to simplify the entire advertising experience.

The MatchCraft platform supports YouTube video ad campaigns with easy-to-use tools, full-service support, and consolidated reporting. Using MatchCraft for your YouTube campaigns, you can get:

  • Impression, click, and conversion insights into your performance
  • Capabilities to track and analyze your results over time
  • Access to the latest and greatest tools and tech for running high-performing ad campaigns

Those interested in using MatchCraft for YouTube ads also have two flexible options for campaign oversight, including:

  • YouTube Managed Service: Includes end-to-end, full-service support on your campaigns from our team of advertising experts.
  • YouTube Saas: Best for those interested in a more hands-on approach. Here, you can manage your ads and view your reporting in MatchCraft.

Regardless of your level of expertise, MatchCraft has services designed to scale with your business.

PPC Estimator Tool

With our MatchCraft PPC Estimator Tool, hitting your revenue goals and winning over new clients has never been so easy.

Eliminating the time-intensive guesswork of crafting the perfect proposal, this intuitive budget estimator helps local businesses thrive in paid search and social advertising by providing:

  • An intelligent budget forecast: Grants cost-per-click estimates, geo-targeting for localized recommendations, advanced audience interest and behavior targeting, and ad/keyword suggestions using the site URL.
  • Better marketing: Creates personalized ad spend estimates with psychology-based pricing packages, creative ad copy and mockup suggestions, and localized/market-based search query keywords.
  • A quicker sales process: Speeds up the time it takes to make a sale, with only 5 minutes needed to build an ad spend estimate, less than a day of training, and upsell opportunities/advertising recommendations generated right off the bat.

Created from the minds of MatchCraft’s industry-leading team of advertising, sales, and marketing experts, the PPC Estimator Tool crafts an informed, realistic budget forecast and scores the trust of clients for the long run.

Machine Learning AI

Lately, all the industry buzz has swarmed around artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and how to leverage it in any ordinary digital media campaign.

While the tech boom is new for many, MatchCraft has been no stranger to this era of innovation. For years, our machine learning tactics have delivered incredibly valuable solutions to increase a business’s scalability and efficiency, with features including:

  • Sitelink suggestions: Generates a list of URL names and links relevant to the destination URL specified for the category, helping save time for the campaign manager.
  • Category suggestions: Provides the user with a list of relevant categories (out of MatchCraft Taxonomy’s 11,000+ choices) to be applied to the campaign based on the final URL.
  • Ideas from URL: Produces highly customizable, relevant ad copy derived from the content on the segment’s final URL.
  • Initial bid estimator: Predicts the starting bid value needed for a campaign, reducing overspending that can happen early on.

The future of the marketing industry is automation, efficiency, and artificial intelligence. With MatchCraft’s machine learning solutions, you can ensure you’re well ahead of both the curve and the competition.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, With MatchCraft

Operating for 24+ years, MatchCraft has the best-in-class technology and experienced industry insight you need to manage and sell your campaigns without hassle.

With a global footprint in 44 countries, we’ve successfully managed and optimized 780,000 campaigns (and counting), and we’re ready to add yours to our list.

Schedule your assessment today to see how our platforms for digital marketing can transform your campaign management process and all the results that follow.