Embracing Equity: Women’s Month Series

Mar 8, 2023 | Blog, Knowledge Center, Newsroom

At MatchCraft, we are committed to creating a workplace that values diversity and equity, and we are excited to share our efforts with you.

To celebrate Women’s Month, we are launching a video series called “Embracing Equity,” where we explore different perspectives on how we are making progress towards creating a more equitable workplace.

We invite you to join us in watching these videos which will be released every week this month. These videos will feature interviews with our leaders and colleagues at MatchCraft, giving a chance to hear how we can create a more inclusive culture. We hope that these videos will inspire you and help you better understand our shared vision for a more equitable workplace.

Watch the first video with our women leaders and how MatchCraft is embracing equity in the workplace!

Thank you for your continued commitment to MatchCraft’s values, and we look forward to celebrating Women’s Month with you!

Watch more episodes below.