Campaign Cloning in adVantage

Jan 7, 2021 | Product News

MatchCraft’s adVantage platform has been designed to make campaign setup & management intuitive, time & cost-effective and thus, scalable. Within adVantage there are many efficiency tools and features available to both our reseller and agency clients’ sales teams and campaign managers.

One such feature is the ability to clone existing campaigns between existing adVantage accounts, to new adVantage accounts and across markets.

The Need For Campaign Cloning

Campaign cloning is the process of setting up a new campaign by copying an existing one. It eliminates the need to start each campaign from scratch and is a major time-saving tool for campaign managers in-charge of several merchant accounts running tens to thousands of ad campaigns.

This adVantage platform feature is especially useful for our reseller and agency clients whose campaigns managers create campaign templates in order to expedite new campaign setup.

How It Works

To clone a campaign in adVantage;

  •   select the campaign to be cloned.
  •   then click on the clone link.
  •   lastly, enter a name for the new campaign & select the destination account. The destination account can either be the current account or a different one, within adVantage. The selected account may contain other campaigns and may even be in a different market.


Note: Select account attributes such as linked GMB accounts, settings for Conversion Visibility in Google Ads Reporting, etc. cannot be cloned and must be set for the new campaign.

Benefits of Campaign Cloning

  • Scalability – Having the ability to clone campaigns is a big time saver for our reseller and agency clients who in turn are able to scale their businesses by providing services to more local advertisers.
  • Pre-Optimized Campaigns – By cloning an existing campaign, in adVantage, campaign managers can take advantage of its most successful assets & settings. Thus, creating a pre-optimized campaign.

At MatchCraft we are all about efficiency, and Campaign Cloning is just one of the many ways we help our reseller & agency scale their offerings and keep growing. Since this is our first post of 2021, we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Here’s to a  successful 2021!


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