Interesting Query Words. What They Are and How You Should Use Them.

Nov 14, 2019 | Product News

At MatchCraft we take campaign management very seriously – and our adVantage™ platform was designed to make optimization easier and more effective. Our automated bid management, precise budget pacing, detailed data reporting, and a full suite of tools enable campaign managers to achieve the maximum return for their advertisers.

adVantage offers several reporting tools useful for both our advertisers and campaign managers. MatchCraft recently announced an addition to the Search Query Report. The SQR now includes “Interesting Query Words” that campaign managers should find especially helpful when it comes to refining keyword targets.

What is a Search Query Report & Why is it Important?

Before we get into the new addition, let’s review the Search Query Report and how it is used. A Search Query Report lists all the search queries that are generating clicks for an advertiser’s campaign. Remember, a search query is not to be confused with a keyword. Keywords are terms that the advertiser has identified as relevant to their product or service. Search queries, on the other hand, are the terms actually being used by customers on search engines. A search query report lists all the search queries that are generating clicks for a campaign. This report is an important tool for campaign managers as it gives them much needed insight into how users are searching for their business and provides direction on ways to optimize positive and negative keyword selection.

What are “Interesting Query Words” and how can they help?

Our Search Query Report provides all the standard and expected details, such as; match type, search term, keyphrase, clicks, impressions, etc. In keeping with our core functionality, campaign managers can view search query data for both Google and Bing all in one place.

To make the report even more insightful, we recently introduced a new column called “Interesting Query Words”. This column includes interesting words from search terms that are not part of the campaign’s existing keywords.

How are these interesting words identified? Our platform looks at search queries and pulls individual words from those queries. It then checks to see if those words appear in any of the segments throughout the campaign. The idea is that if a word is not showing up in any of the segments, it might be a potential negative or positive keyword.


The aim is to help campaign managers discover opportunities for campaign performance optimization. It allows campaign managers to look at a combination of keywords & search queries and draw conclusions about which interesting words might be relevant, or which might not be relevant, and then the campaign manager can make changes to the keyword list accordingly.

The interesting query words can either be added to or excluded from the existing keyword list inside adVantage.

What are the Benefits of “Interesting Query Words”?

  • It is important to remember that using the correct keywords to target your campaigns will get you in front of the intended customers. Interesting Query Words can help you expand (or narrow down) your keyword list based on actual search query insights.
  • Interesting Query Words can also help you better understand current market trends by analyzing how your potential customers are searching for your products/services. This can help you keep the ad content relevant.
  • Using Interesting Query Words to enhance your keyword lists will lead to higher ROI as well by helping to identify possible long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords account for 70% of all the searches online and have an average conversion rate of 36%.

Campaign Manager Pro-Tip

  • Interesting Query Words will eliminate the need to do a deep dive into the full search query report to find potential positive and/or negative keywords.
  • Use the search query insights to enhance ad copy.
  • If you have access to the advertiser’s website, use these findings to update the website content to match customer search queries.
  • Use the consolidated search query data to make keyword decisions for not just Google Ads but also Bing Ads. The adVantage platform offers the ability to agnostically bid on both Google and Bing using the same budget.

Because the new Interesting Query Words column in our Search Query Report does the job of pulling data from search queries, campaign managers don’t have to go through each search query (including some impossibly long ones) to find keyword data for optimizing a campaign’s keyword list. As always, MatchCraft’s focus is making campaign management scalable and more effective.