Introducing MatchCraft’s New Order Entry Wizard

Oct 7, 2015 | Product News

When you’re managing multiple search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, you need an efficient order entry system to stay on top of your online advertising. MatchCraft has introduced the Order Entry Wizard to make this process easy, flexible, fast and user friendly. That way, you can focus on the important parts of your business and leave the busywork to the computers.


The Leading Choice for Simplicity, Speed and Flexibility

The Order Entry Wizard simplifies the order entry process with step-by-step screens that clearly cover everything you need to set up a new order. Because the wizard guides you screen by screen, you can:

  • Focus on completely filling out each page for thorough campaigns less likely to contain errors.
  • Enter information about whether an order is PPC, needs call tracking or uses other search engine marketing options.
  • Switch between different steps in the order entry process, and always know how many steps are left.

Because the campaign creation uses a form through the wizard, you always have the information you need to successfully go ahead with the SEM order. The clearly defined fields and streamlined campaign creation features, such as autopopulating, make the entire ordering turnaround time faster.

MatchCraft’s Order Entry Wizard also works in tandem with the campaign details tab. You can choose to use this tab instead of the wizard, or use the wizard to double check your self-directed work to lower the number of errors. This flexibility lets you adjust the order entry workflow to fit your needs.

If you need help, the Order Entry Wizard is full of support features to help guide you through the process. Included instructional material includes full tutorials, info icons and tips that help you reference important parts of the process and better understand the MatchCraft platform’s features.


How Large Publishers and Digital Agencies Benefit

MatchCraft’s Order Entry Wizard provides you with the features you need to provide high-quality service to the many businesses looking for search advertising assistance and help with SEM best practices. With the Order Entry Wizard, you aren’t wasting valuable time looking up essential campaign information and getting it after the sale; rather, you gather a standardized set of data during the order entry process, whether you’re setting up an Adwords campaign or helping with SEM.

A streamlined workflow, easy-to-understand order entry process and plenty of flexibility are some of the many features that help you improve your productivity. The Order Entry Wizard launches October 5 for US clients and October 19 for international clients. Want to transform your SEM software experience by switching to a solution designed to make your campaign management easier? Get in touch to schedule a MatchCraft demo today!