MatchCraft’s AdVantage Update: New Optimization Features Save Time For Campaign Managers

Jan 9, 2015 | Product News

Based on feedback and wish lists from the SEM specialists who use MatchCraft’s AdVantage platform daily, we’ve released a number of new features in our AdVantage platform to help our clients save time and optimize their advertisers’ campaigns more efficiently.

Here’s an overview:


1. Editing tools integrated into performance tab

When campaign managers review performance data in AdVantage, they can make optimization changes directly from the Click Performance tab using our integrated editing features.

In addition, users can now see data in the Click Performance tab in four views (Segments, Categories, Key Phrases, and Ads), rather than having to click to separate tabs for each.


2. Additional filters

We’ve added match type filter to make it easier to assess performance for specific types of keywords.

Previously, for example, a campaign manager who wanted to see the average CPC for exact match keywords within a campaign would have to export the data and filter it in Excel. Now users can do this by simply selecting a match type from a dropdown in the filter options on the left panel.


3. Batch editing for new ads

This feature significantly reduces the time needed to upload new ads into an ad group. The user can create any number of ads in a text editor, then paste them into the Batch Entry entry form accessible from the Ads view of the Performance tab.

AdVantage then converts the text and automatically generates a pre-populated entry form for each ad where they all can be reviewed and submitted with a single click.


4. Match type tool

Campaign managers can automatically designate keywords as broad, modified broad, exact, negative or phrase match with one click, eliminating the need to manually insert match type symbols.


5. Ad previews

Users now see a real-time preview of ads they’re writing or editing in a new panel located to the right of the editing pane.


6. Automated and manual conversion-based optimization

Campaign managers now have the ability to enable automated conversion-based optimization tools that improve campaign performance by analyzing historical data maintained in the platform.

For example, if the data for Joe’s Plumbing indicates that the highest click-to-call ratio occurs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the automated optimization algorithm adjust bids to increase the chances of Joe’s ad being seen on those days.

Similarly, if Jane’s Flowers has historically seen the most conversions using the key phrases “wedding centerpieces” and “prom corsage with roses,” AdVantage would increase bids for those particular terms.

Note: Keyword-based optimization is only available to merchants who have installed Google Analytics on their website or landing pages and have linked it to AdVantage.