Meet MatchCraft’s Engineering Team!

May 19, 2017 | Product News

The engineering team here at MatchCraft is probably a bit different than what you might expect. And we’re proud of that!

The team here is incredibly interconnected and all the members are industry experts. The team operates with the grace of…well, a team! — but with a rock star approach to each challenge.

And that’s exactly what the engineering folks do: they solve challenges.

On any given day, they use rigorous investigation skills, testing strategies, their enormous imaginations and proven methodology to build a better customer experience (Now, who wouldn’t want to see that in their products?).

Their days are spent writing countless lines of meticulous code and addressing the needs of their clients. To add an additional layer of Awesome, they put the power of data science to good use by constantly analyzing what works for clients, and how they can fine-tune every aspect of MatchCraft’s advertising engine.


Eccentricities to Brag About

One thing you won’t find on the MatchCraft engineering team? Turnover.

While most companies lose employees every few years (especially in tech, if a company can even last that long), MatchCraft’s team members have been here for far longer; many members of the team are still feeling invigorated every day, going strong after seven or eight years.

That’s remarkable, no matter what business you’re in.

So, what’s their secret to longevity? There is a lot of mutual respect. They all really like working together. They know what they’re doing; they know what works for them; and they know how to get things done, fast.

Another quirk: the 14 smarty-pants people in the team, are all senior-level. These aren’t beginners getting to know their craft—they’re experts in their fields.

Simply put: they’re good at what they do (Nope, we’re not bragging—we’re beaming!).


What Gets the Engineering Team Going?

Here’s just a sampling of what brings the team joy—collectively and individually.

1. Optimizing to save customers money. As one team member puts it,

“We like to find the best way to spend our customers’ money.”

No, he’s not rushing off to Amazon with your credit card. He’s following a trail of data and leveraging deep analytics to tweak and optimize the entire system so that you’re—always—getting the most bang for your advertising buck.

2. Nothing gets our engineering team more jazzed than automating a manual process and putting efficient systems in place. Go, technology!

3. Biking to work. One team member bikes 32 miles, round-trip, a day, everyday!

4. The constantly changing ad tech industry. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities.

5. Tech presentations. Every Thursday, religiously, the team meets to share 20-minute presentations on a project, a problem they solved or even a new technology. Team members rotate so everyone gets a go at it. It’s been an effective way of keeping everyone up to speed, driving morale and polishing presentation skills.

6. Yes, one person is crazy…about cats. He has five!


Bottom-Line: We’ve Got a Good Thing Going

This we know. The engineering team touches each department in the company, and they influence client satisfaction at every stage of the game. Each team member happily rolls up their sleeves to solve client issues no matter how complex.

But that’s not just an engineering team thing, it’s stitched into the fabric of MatchCraft’s culture.