Meet MatchCraft’s Leiden Team

Sep 29, 2017 | Product News

As we continue to introduce you to the incredible, diverse team at MatchCraft, we like to envision taking a trip around the globe.

Next stop: Leiden, a great city in the Netherlands, and home to a tight-knit team of account managers.

We like being close to our clients

The Leiden team was born to serve our EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) clients.

See, though we love our Santa Monica headquarters, we much prefer being close enough to our clients! Hence, Leiden was born, and it’s now grown to 7 account managers.

Our Leiden team is familiar with and shares our clients’ cultures and languages. They are able to schedule meetings and give support during our clients’ regular business hours. They may not always be in the same time zone as our clients but they always make it work!

Together, they offer not only our clients but all of MatchCraft, a kaleidoscope of global viewpoints, cultural nuances and colorful backgrounds. And we love every bit of it.

Through the lens of the EMEA team

Each account manager has their own roster of clients. They manage every step of a client’s journey with MatchCraft, from onboarding and evaluating opportunities to implementations, regular status meetings and strategy planning. Because the team is so close, they regularly pow wow on behalf of clients’ success in the background, exchanging ideas.

An easy way to split up clients? By language!

The team, collectively, speaks more than 13 languages, allowing them to serve clients in their native language, making for a smooth transition and training process.

Clients also appreciate being able to pick up the phone and speak to a MatchCraft representative on their own time (because 4 a.m. meetings are no joke).

We’re always learning

Through their client experiences and travels, the team—while incredibly diverse—continues to learn about cultural nuances.

For example, when Joey was giving a presentation in Finland, he went out of his way to be charming and animated, his way of drawing the group together. When the room full of trainees responded with total silence, he used even bigger arm movements and spoke louder and louder—only still baffled at the lack of response.

It wasn’t until after the training that he was informed that the Finns only ask questions in group settings if they’re confident that the question is suitable for the entire group.

And to further serve clients, the Leiden team has built a reputation of being extremely tech-savvy. In other words, they’ve gone rogue, becoming intimately familiar with MatchCraft’s technology, versus relying solely on U.S.-based engineers. (Word on the streets of Leiden is that Robert is the go-to guy for all things tech.)

Clients: The heart of the job

And, as with so many of our teams, the Leiden folks admit that clients drive their days.

“One day, everyone needs you, another day, no one needs you. It keeps it interesting, and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Catalina, Manager of Client Relations, EMEA.

The Leiden team guides their clients through one of their most challenging transitions: changing ad platforms.

“Change can be so challenging, but once it’s done and they see the benefits, and how fast they can work within MatchCraft AdVantage—well, it’s the most rewarding part of the job,” said Marianne, Account Manager.

The Leiden team knows how to have fun.

And for them, it all starts with working out. You know, teams that work out together…stay together? (Did we get that right?) But seriously – the Leiden team has a comical obsession with diets (they all have a different one each month) and they often work out together.

In many respects, they operate like a family: casual banter, a lot of jokes, and a ton of support for each other, in and out of the workplace.