Meet Our CEO, Sandy!

Sep 18, 2020 | Product News

Remember the difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says “Go!” – a leader says “Let’s go!” ~E.M. Kelly

The above quote describes MatchCraft’s CEO, Sandy Lohr’s, management style to the T.

Sandy has been a part of the local media space for more than 35 years and under Sandy’s leadership, MatchCraft has nearly doubled its revenues and now serves clients in 44 countries with campaigns in 22 languages. adVantage, MatchCraft’s proprietary platform, has evolved from being simply a paid search platform to a multi-channel platform offering search, social and display advertising.

So, let’s meet our CEO, Sandy Lohr!

Getting To Know Sandy

  • Sandy, who met her husband at a McDonald’s in High School, was once a flutist.
  • Sandy has traveled to all but 1 of the United States and was once attacked (kind of) by a mako shark while fishing off the Jersey shore.
  • She loves pink marshmallow Peeps and sorts her M&M’s by color before eating them.


What Sandy Loves About Her Roles

“Above all: The people. The diverse MatchCraft team. Serving our incredible clients,” said Sandy.

Top Challenges 

  • The New COVID World – Learning how to compete in the “new COVID world” is at the top of Sandy’s list. Things like:
    • The shift in consumer habits and the impact of that shift on a marketing technology company like ours.
    • Recruitment and retention of top talent by further enhancing MatchCraft’s remote culture. The goal being keeping the “fun factor” well and alive for our entire remote team, wherever in the world they may be.



If Not Leading The Team At MatchCraft Then What

Sandy said that she would be reading the Jungle Book to her Grandson with their black lab, Simba, laying on her feet. All while drinking a glass of red wine, with her husband by her side, and listening to The Eagles in the background!

Translation: She would be listening to her husband read the Jungle Book while she may or may not have her laptop open, and may or may not be responding to emails, but most definitely have access to a glass of red wine.


Why MarTech?

Over the years that Sandy has been a part of the advertising and marketing industry (most of Sandy’s professional life), the digital marketing landscape has evolved to amazing levels of complexity and MatchCraft is a big player in that eco-system.

Joining MatchCraft provided Sandy a career change – from client-side to vendor side. And while leading MatchCraft’s diverse and talented team, Sandy has enjoyed learning more about the technology that has been addressing digital marketing solutions for over 22 years.

“MatchCraft constantly strives to simplify digital marketing by the use of our best-in-class technology, so marketing experts can focus their energies on managing a book of campaigns with ease,” said Sandy.

Evolution of The Role Of A CEO

As the CEO of a tech company, Sandy is no stranger to dealing with constant change and industry evolution. However, the biggest change has been the most recent one – of learning to lead remotely 100% of the time.

“For some of us Boomer CEO’s that grew up with the Tom Peters, ‘Management By Walking Around’ it has meant a change in management style. Learning new ways to stay connected has been challenging but rewarding as well,” said Sandy.

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