Meet Our EMEA Account Management Team

Jul 16, 2020 | Product News

Last week we featured our US based Client Engagement Team & this week we are shining the light on our awesome EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) Account Management Team.

What Does The EMEA Account Management Team Do?

Much like the US Client Engagement Team, our EMEA Account Management team helps MatchCraft’s European clients get the most out of the adVantage platform so they can run successful campaigns for their advertisers.

The team consists of 6 client experts.

Getting To Know Them

We asked the team to share some fun facts with us:

  • Barbara is quadrilingual. She converses with her kids in Polish, uses English at work, speaks with her husband in French and regularly tries her hand at Dutch. Although she has a sneaking suspicion that she may sound funny while speaking Dutch.
  • Matthew who is originally from Australia, & is a divemaster, plans to one day circumnavigate the planet in his boat.
  • Our team is full of multilingual people! Marianne who enjoys reading books in Dutch, Finnish & English, is from Finland and greatly enjoys the sauna and swimming in lakes. She is a passionate soccer mum of two sons and a fan of Ajax (soccer club), the Finnish ice hockey team & Formula 1 drivers Kimi Räikkönen & Mika Häkkinen.
  • Joey, a proud winner of a pumpkin regatta, made local headlines as a kid for a swimming demonstration. The park that the pool was located in is still operational in his home town, its called Leeghwaterbad – named after Jan Leeghwater, a Dutch architect/engineer. The name means ’empty water’.
  • We have quite a few fans of Sauna bathing in this team. Catalina says it’s one of her favorite things to do as it can be very relaxing and offers many health benefits. She hopes to build her own private sauna in her next house. Maybe we can start a MatchCraft Sauna club!

What They Love About Their Roles

  • Client Relations – Every single person on the team talked about how much they love working with our clients and building long-lasting relationships based on open, friendly & respectful discussions. They all enjoy being able to work with clients from all over Europe and helping them devise go to market strategies. The team finds the trust their clients have in them, & MatchCraft, to be very rewarding.
  • Team Work – The team is comprised of hardworking and talented individuals who love working with each other.
  • Skill Mix – Account Management offers the team members the perfect opportunity to combine their technical campaign management knowledge with their ability to solve problems. They enjoy the task variability their jobs entail.

Top Challenges 

  • Learning – A challenge that the team finds exciting is keeping up with all the new features that are regularly introduced to our platform adVantage (sometimes in response to Google, Bing & Facebook’s updates and sometimes preemptively) and learning the technical ins and outs of their functionalities.
  • Time Difference – Being a part of a global team can make internal company coordination a challenging task. To combat this, our teams use a variety of project management and communication tools.
  • Technical Difficulties – Sometimes issues with a merchant’s website can cause the campaign to not run at maximum capacity. A lot of our clients have been able to alleviate this issue by adding website products to their advertiser offerings.

If Not Account Management Then What

  • Matthew would be sailing on his boat.
  • Catalina might’ve enjoyed event planning.
  • Barbara would either be in marketing or doing sales.
  • Joey loves helping clients be successful and developing strategies. A combination of those 2 is already offered by his current job in Account Management.
  • Marianne’s dearest dream has always been to be an author. However, she enjoys interacting with people on a daily basis, which is why she chose the Account Management field.

Why Account Management?

Account Management is a good middle point between marketing & sales, fields that most members of the team seem to favor. Account Management helps them combine interacting with clients while on-boarding, training & ongoing campaign management with problem-solving & strategy creation.

Managing client accounts is also a very fulfilling endeavor as it enables the team to witness our clients scaling their business with the help of MatchCraft’s technology and team. Many client accounts that started small, have over the years grown manifold.

Evolution of Account Management

As the campaign management industry has increasingly moved towards automation, the role of Account Management has become more strategic and partnership oriented. For example, where in the past an Account Manager may have spent a considerable amount of time pulling reports for clients, their main focus now is on working in tandem with clients to discuss campaign goals and optimization strategies.

At MatchCraft the evolution of our platform has been on overdrive for years. Our amazing team has continued to release new products and platform updates to offer best-in-class tech to our clients and their merchants. Which means the Account Management Team continues to enhance their platform knowledge to make sure our clients have all the information they need to ensure campaign success.

“For me it has always been about communicating with the clients in a  knowledgeable, timely and honest manner…” said Matthew.

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