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Jun 2, 2020 | Product News

As promised, we are back with another team feature.

This week we interviewed the team that truly keeps our company going – the IT team!


What Does The IT Team Do?

This 2 member strong team keeps all of MatchCraft’s tech systems running smoothly. From our servers to our workstations (in the office and remotely), to any and every technology that MatchCraft employees may need to complete their jobs seamlessly.

They often train us on new technologies being used by the company and are responsible for the safe and secure running of all internal systems.

Because of the internal efficiency of our IT team, all other MatchCraft departments are able to service our reseller & agency clients, and their merchants, as effectively as possible.


Getting To Know Them

As we tapped into their fun side, we learned that being awesome at stuff is kind of their thing.

  • Kamran enjoys gardening and is especially proud of his Meyer lemon tree, the fruits of which he often shares with fellow MatchCrafters.
  • In his younger days, Kamran was a biker but stopped once his son was born. Although now that his son is older, he is considering picking it back up.
  • Russ is a true movie buff. He enjoys watching pre-screenings of movies and has visited Sony, Disney, and Warner Bros campuses. And although Russ finds it hard to call any one movie his favorite, Blade Runner is pretty high up on his list.


What They Love About Their Roles

Both Kamran & Russ agree that they have found their true calling and very much enjoy the work they do.

  • Continuous Learning – Constant technological evolution gives them both the opportunity to stay curious and continue learning.
  • Connecting People with Technology – They enjoy having the ability to share their knowledge of both old and current tech with their coworkers.
  • Efficient Problem Solving – Their expertise helps team MatchCraft not only navigate technical constraints but also find solutions that enable us to do our work more efficiently.


Top Challenges 

Members of the IT team shared their top challenges with us:

  • Problem Solving – Solving technical issues can be like solving a puzzle. And so their aim is always to work in tandem with co-workers to identify not just the solution, but the best way to reach it.
  • Keeping Up With Technology – Even though they love the ever changing nature of their chosen field, keeping up with constant technological evolution can be overwhelming at times. But being able to learn not just by reading but also from their co-workers makes this a welcome challenge.
  • A Remote Workforce – This is a challenge that is being faced by most of the world’s workforce right now. Fortunately, this was a mountain we scaled (for the most part) last year. For MatchCraft’s IT team, the challenge was to equip our company’s employees for remote work & to move our own technology to the cloud.

“I’m proud to say that MatchCraft has been ahead of that curve. When it happened, for us it was very seamless. I don’t think we needed to do much in terms of getting prepared for it…” said Kamran. 

If Not An IT Manager Then What

  • Russ, who is a big fan of animated movies, might have been an animator. But he also loves traveling and experiencing different cultures, which makes him wonder about life as a travel photographer capturing cityscapes.
  • Inspired by his wife’s work as a teacher, Kamran thinks he may have enjoyed educating young and older adults.


Why IT Management?

Publishing, retail, bartending and help desk services are just a few of the industries our talented Corp IT team forayed into before joining the world of IT management.

But what drew them both to their current roles was the drive to learn more about the technology they were using.

Kamran who recently completed 20 years at MatchCraft! (Yes, you read that right, 20!) says that the fact that they both enjoy what they do makes a huge difference in how they approach everyday tasks.


Evolution of IT Management

The past few decades have witnessed rapid technological advancement – which in turn has led to an evolution in the job of IT managers.

Below are the 2 changes in IT management that stand out the most for Kamran & Russ:

  • Portability & Accessibility – All software products are now offered as a service. Hardware is much smaller and lighter – and thus, more portable (see exhibit A). All the new technologies available today enable businesses to save time in the execution of even the smallest of tasks.

nordwood-themes-q8U1YgBaRQk-unsplash -min


  • Exhibit A – Is that a phone or a brick?
  • Physical to Virtual – This is the biggest change – going from physically handling systems to managing virtual workstations. We have all migrated to the cloud instead of storing hardware in-house, and all this has been made possible due to our internet being so quick & so well distributed – thus, enabling a centralized system.

“Going from a hardware-centric environment to a software ecosystem,” said Kamran.

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