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Aug 6, 2020 | Product News

Over the past few months, we have featured MatchCraft teams and there are more to come! This week we are shining the spotlight on the team behind the curtain, responsible for all the amazing content you enjoy, the Marketing team.

What Does The Marketing Team Do?

The Marketing team is responsible for branding, PR, client communication, maintaining all marketing assets such as the website & all external facing collaterals and supporting the Business Development team in their lead generation efforts.

Getting To Know Them

  • Amie, who has studied in Paris, Cannes, and Chateaubriant, France, loves to travel with her family. Although she has taken her kids 8 & 12, to the Bahamas, France, Belgium, and Ireland, she is just as happy spending weekends in the summer on a little lake in the middle of nowhere Illinois, literally in between cornfields. And she wouldn’t trade it for anything!
  • Amie also loves to bake, so much so that she spent her week on furlough taking an online pastry class.
  • Avni, who is the mother of the most wonderful 15-month-old toddler, is an absolute foodie. Before their daughter came along, Avni & her husband used to travel great distances to try new restaurants. On their anniversary trip to New York, they spent 4 days eating pizza for every meal – a new pizza place each time! And they were not disappointed 🙂
  • In middle school, Avni trained in Kathak, a form of Indian classical dance. Although today her dance teacher would be very disappointed by Avni’s tatkar skills, or lack thereof.


What They Love About Their Roles

  • Promoting our Technology – Members of the team love being able to talk about how amazing MatchCraft’s technology truly is. They are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to put into words the uniqueness of MatchCraft’s solutions.

“Having been both a client of MatchCraft and working on the Client Engagement team, I’ve had the privilege of seeing our tech and organization from many sides,” said Amie.

  • Novelty of Tasks – The team loves how diverse the marketing field is and the novelty it brings in their everyday tasks. One day the team may be working on a speaking engagement and the next a press release for an award win. Or they may go from producing industry-specific COVID white papers for our clients to supporting our Product team in a feature launch.
  • Constant Learning – The team members never stop educating themselves about the ever evolving field of Marketing. Whether it is the many new softwares that make marketing more effective & process oriented or finding new ways to track data. The learning never ends and they love it!

“I continue to be surprised by how much there is to learn about how & why people interact with products and services,” said Avni.

  • Working with Other Teams – Members of the Marketing team get to work with all the other teams at MatchCraft. For example, due to the recent “Meet the Team” series, the Marketing team has been able to virtually interact with most other MatchCrafters and get to know them all a lot better.


Top Challenges 

  • Keeping Up – Keeping up with all the developments being made by our product & engineering teams! It’s a welcome challenge and one that continues to push the team to in-turn keep up with how MatchCraft’s clients and solutions are evolving.


If Not In Marketing Then What

  • Avni would quite enjoy getting paid to try new restaurants & cuisines (and eat more pizza!). So, being a food critic would be her dream job. She would also not be against the idea of being a restauranteur.
  • Love of good food definitely runs in the team! Amie would love to own a little sandwich shop with homemade bread and soups and of course a few pastries.


Why Marketing?

Amie & Avni love the fact that their jobs involve communicating and working with people with various types of job functions – whether it be working with the executive team on speaking engagements, offering conference management support to the business development team or managing external vendors such as web developers and press syndication agencies.

“I am a communicator at heart but I’m also a bit of a tech nerd and data junkie,” said Amie.

The team also enjoys having the chance to take complex technical concepts and translate them into a language that a variety of people can understand & benefit from.


Evolution of Marketing

From having a background in advertising to being a former client of MatchCraft, members of the team have witnessed the vast evolution of Marketing first-hand over the past few years.

Digital has steadily & surely taken over the Marketing industry. Since 2017, in US alone, digital marketing spend has increased on an average by 14.25% YoY, while the spend on traditional marketing has consistently gone down – an average decrease of almost 1% YoY.

Marketing has also increasingly become numbers driven. Whether it be lead generation tracking or evaluating the efficacy of various marketing activities, marketers are under much greater pressure to show tangible results for their efforts.

And that is one of the most interesting things about our product set too. We have evolved MatchCraft’s products to help make a marketer’s job easier. MatchCraft’s focus lies on helping our reseller and agency clients demonstrate return to their advertisers.

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