Meet the MatchCraft Client Engagement Team!

Nov 3, 2016 | Product News

If you work with MatchCraft, then you’ve worked with our stellar Client Engagement Team.

Since this team tackles a collage of strategy, client support and campaign management roles, we thought it was a good idea to shed some light on what they do (and what makes them tick!).


1. What’s a typical day like?

The days are always different, but that’s one of the things we love about our work.

While some team members may be head down, focused on answering customer questions (what we refer to as support tickets); others will be busy monitoring and analyzing our clients’ campaign performance, or hopping on client calls, conducting trainings and on-boarding meetings.


Many of us come in early (5:30, anyone?) and enjoy a quiet few hours in the office before the days’ craziness hits. A few of us work remote. This way, we’re able to easily accommodate all our domestic and international clients by operating on their respective schedules.


2. Do you have any advice for new clients?

One of the most helpful things a new client can do is to understand our platform: how it functions, what it does, best practices for using it.

They don’t have to be an expert—after all, that’s our job!—but having a basic understanding of the platform, provides clients with a few upsides. They’re less likely to be confused, they’re able to take ownership of their campaigns and monitor progress; and they save a lot of time by just simply being in the loop.

Similar to this, it’s great for clients to have at least an entry-level understanding of the search industry and Google AdWords. Again, they don’t need to know it all, but we find that the clients that have an understanding of search are the ones that are most confident, can make fast, strategic decisions, and become true partners.


3. Okay, what are 6 random facts about people on the client engagement team?

  1. Many of us are ping pong players—and we take it seriously. We work in a fun (read: competitive) office and part of that is the ‘ole ping pong table. It’s not unusual to be taking a bathroom break and to have to dodge a ping bong ball.
  2. It wouldn’t be Los Angeles without a little Hollywood, right? Well, rumor has it, Jennifer, once starred (we may be using the term loosely) in a music video.
    Check it out here: (Hint: She’s in the background wearing turquoise)
  3. Richa, loves plants. She’s got a bona fide green thumb. Her desk may appear to be a jungle of talking plants, but no fear—that’s just Richa on the phone. Sitting behind her massive plants.
  4. We’ve got some health gurus on our hands! Fasts, juice cleanses, hitting the gym—these are hard core health nuts
  5. Our token world traveler is Farbod. From France to Colombia; we can’t keep up with the guy.
  6. Keeping the team safe is Adam, with his amazing Jui Jitsu and wrestling skills.


4. What are the top things you look for when hiring?

We want to work with motivated people who take initiative and will go above and beyond to make clients happy. We definitely look for experience in search, that’s a no brainer. But communication is critical—there’s so much exchange with clients, it’s a must.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
—Henry Ford

Since we do so many things and every day presents unique challenges, multitaskers have an edge. (Other nice to haves: people who smile a lot, play nice with others and can crack an occasional joke).


5. How do you measure your success?

By how clients feel. It’s such an organic, truthful indicator of whether we’re doing a great job or not. Our work is driven by our clients’ expectations. Our best days are when our clients are having their best days.


6. What questions are you asked most frequently?

This varies greatly depending on the client, the day and how involved the client is with their campaigns. But two questions we definitely hear a lot of are focused on the platform’s bidding functionality, and on campaign performance.

Many clients will ask about the bidding, or the pacing of their ads. Campaign performance can be impacted by any number of things, so that’s where an understanding of search definitely helps.

A great resource for clients is our Help Center. Check it often, we keep adding relevant content.


7. What do you enjoy most about being on the team?

The leaders in the team get a kick out of managing people – It’s not only a great challenge, but also very rewarding.

Delivering results to clients and seeing the difference made in their campaigns makes our day. Plus, we love the different tasks each new day brings. Life on the client engagement team never gets stale.