Sitelink Suggestions in adVantage

Jan 15, 2020 | Product News

What Are Sitelinks?

Sitelinks are ad extensions that allow advertisers to include additional links to pages on their websites. These extensions can be added to the ads being provisioned on search networks such as Google & Bing.

They appear below the main website URL. You can see them highlighted in red in the example below.


Sitelinks enable users to save time and effort while navigating an advertiser’s website, as they directly take people to specific pages such as product listings, contact details, etc.

The idea is to let people access what they want to on a website without making them go to the homepage first.

The number of sitelinks that can be shown with your ad may vary depending on the user’s location or device. On desktop, a search ad may show up to  6 sitelinks at a time and on mobile, up to 8.

To help you maximize the versatility of sitelinks, adVantage gives our reseller and agency clients the ability to add a maximum of 20 sitelinks to an advertiser’s ad segment.

adVantage’s Sitelink Suggestions Tool

When managing multiple advertiser accounts, with several ads in each, it can become time-consuming and cumbersome for our reseller and agency clients to add sitelinks manually. Keeping this need in mind, MatchCraft has added a  Sitelink Suggestions tool to adVantage. The Sitelink Suggestions tool offers a fast way to discover and input relevant sitelinks. It uses existing Final URLs as a reference point to then pull other links, from an advertiser’s website, that may help grab user attention.

A “Suggestions” button in the “Sitelink Extensions” editor allows users to add and edit suggested sitelinks.


Benefits of Adding Sitelinks?

Sitelinks can improve the overall performance of ad campaigns. Below are some benefits of using sitelinks:

  • Increased CTR – Enabling users to directly access pages of interest on the advertiser’s website, can lead to more clicks. According to Google, sitelinks can increase the average CTR by about 10-20% on general searches and 20-50% on branded terms. According to Bing, the CTR may increase by 30%.
  • Qualified traffic – Having sitelinks ensures that the ad clicks are more qualified since the users already know what they want and have chosen to click on the appropriate link.
  • Budget maximization – Having more qualified traffic means advertisers get more potential customers for their ad spends.
  • Better user experience – Sitelinks make website navigation easier by enabling users to navigate to the required information faster. Thus, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • SERP real estate – Adding sitelinks to your advertiser’s search ads, allows their business to capture more space on the search results page (SERPs). More space = more visibility.
  • Optimized for mobile – Having direct access to key pages on the advertiser’s website, encourages mobile users to look at more product/service-related pages.