The MatchCraft Advantage

Oct 14, 2019 | Product News

MatchCraft’s adVantage platform features functionality designed to maximize your advertiser’s digital media spend. The functionality native to the adVantage platform includes features not available when placing with the publishers directly and is designed to improve both performance and operational efficiency.

adVantage budgets

  • Set one budget and let adVantage’s powerful bidding algorithm spend your budget where it can find the best results. It doesn’t matter if the spend is on search or social, Google Ads or Facebook, adVantage can identify where your advertiser will get the most return for their investment.
  • Within a campaign, adVantage’s bidding algorithm will allocate budget to the segments that are performing the best. And what is more, you help define what that looks like for your advertiser, from clicks, to phone calls to goal completions.
  • With MatchCraft’s estimator tool your sales teams will be empowered with tiered budget options and traffic estimates created from both Google’s traffic estimates and MatchCraft’s own industry data. Once the estimate has been turned into an order, your team can quickly tie the estimate to a new campaign.

adVantage efficiency

  • Built into adVantage is a sophisticated, multi-tiered keyword and ad copy library that contains everything you need to start a campaign quickly and efficiently. Covering 23 languages and thousands of categories, MatchCraft’s adVisor taxonomy will save your team time and enable scalable campaign set up and management.
  • adAuto features seamless inventory-driven campaign set up and provisioning. Utilize your advertisers’ inventory feeds to create turnkey campaigns that are specific to the inventory your dealers have on their lots.
  • To ensure that your campaigns are set up for success, adVantage has a full suite of campaign management tools like cross publisher bulk editing, centralized diagnostic and disapproval tools, a URL checker, and one of our latest additions, sitelink suggestions. Tools designed to improve efficiency and help your teams set up best in class campaigns.
  • adVantage Social Express enables the management of local social campaigns by providing auto-generated audience targets based on the selected business category.
  • Because the adVantage platform is connected to multiple publishers, your team can set up a campaign once and distribute it across Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram at the touch of a button. No need for recreating a campaign multiple times for each publisher.
  • Adding to that efficiency, all of your reporting is in one place. Your advertisers will have access to a robust set of performance driven reporting through the Merchant Center, enabling your sales teams to have informed conversations about multi-channel campaigns.
  • To maximize your ability to scale your digital media offering, MatchCraft’s managed services solution provides end-to-end campaign management and optimization. Let our team of experienced campaign managers take the heavy lifting off of your teams so you can focus on sales.