The Power Of Yelp Meets The Power Of MatchCraft

Feb 12, 2021 | Product News

MatchCraft’s promise to our reseller & agency clients, and their advertisers, has always been to provide the best that ad-tech has to offer. The highest-rated advertising platforms, battle-tested technology and excellent client service.

“We are excited to add another inventory channel in the lineup of Social, Search and Display options for our partners and their local merchant advertisers,” said Sandy Lohr, CEO, MatchCraft. “The addition of Yelp inventory into our suite of solutions opens up previously untapped access to potential customers. The addition not only opens new inventory sources, it provides a scalable solution for driving maximum return on ad spend.”

Delivering on this promise yet again, we are excited to announce our latest partnership with Yelp Ads. Before we dive into the specifics about the integration of Yelp Ads into the adVantageTM platform, let’s take a quick look at why Yelp is such a powerful tool for small businesses.

The Power of Yelp

Yelp is a conversion powerhouse because most of the leads coming in via Yelp Ads are already highly qualified – people visit Yelp because they’re looking to buy, visit, or hire.

100 Million unique visitors visit Yelp every month and according to a study conducted by Survey Monkey, for Yelp, 97% of those people buy from the local businesses that they discover on Yelp, with 51% making a purchase within a day and 90% within a week. And that reach extends beyond the Yelp website & app. Yelp has partnerships with some of the best-known brands in the online ecosystem like Siri, Alexa, Bing, Yahoo and Apple Maps. Yelp is also programmed into the dashboard of most cars being driven off the lots.

Yelp expertly connects individuals who have money to spend (52% have household incomes > $100,000) with local businesses who are looking to sell goods and services. The full consumer journey on Yelp starts with a need and ends with engagement.

Yelp’s Sponsored Results

Yelp Ads help small business harness the power of this massive audience network by placing a local merchant’s business directly in front of these ready to convert searchers, via Sponsored Results.

yelp bp 1

ponsored Results are pay-per-click ads that are shown above organic search results and featured on competitor pages on Yelp. These ads are displayed based on a number of factors such as an ad’s relevance, user’s search, the advertiser’s business category & location, and what the customer reviews say.

Sponsored Results help increase the visibility of advertisers’ businesses by:

  • Helping their businesses appear on more searches, thereby increasing their brand awareness & making them stand out from their competitors.
  • Offering a geo-targeting feature, to reach the right audience.
  • Running the advertisers’ ads on Yelp pages that detail similar businesses.
  • Making it easy to run multiple campaigns for all of the advertisers’ locations.

Yelp X adVantageTM

The integration of Yelp Ads into the adVantageTM platform will now enable our reseller & agency clients to offer their advertisers expanded access to new inventory and an extensive audience network with high purchase intent.

MatchCraft will offer both Yelp Ads and Enhanced Profiles directly in our adVantageTM platform. adVantageTM will serve as a single point of entry for provisioning and managing Yelp campaigns alongside paid search, social, and display campaigns, offering efficiency of scale.

Our clients’ local merchants will gain access to customers that are looking to connect & convert, and will benefit from the added ability to view cross-channel performance reporting alongside call tracking and analytics via MatchCraft’s Merchant Center. They will get access to valuable performance data at their fingertips. Data such as the number of Impressions, Clicks, Mobile Calls, Mapped Directions and lots more!

“As advertising resellers strive for efficiencies in their media buying workflows, we’re thrilled that Yelp has been integrated into the MatchCraft adVantage™ platform,” said Chad Richard, senior vice president, business and corporate development at Yelp. “This integration will enable MatchCraft advertisers to reach Yelp’s high-intent audience which trusts our content to inform their purchasing decisions. Through this integration, buyers can leverage adVantage™ to seamlessly include Yelp into their broader strategic digital media buys.”


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