3 Tips to Get More Out of Your Google AdWords Campaigns

Feb 18, 2016 | Sales + Training

You’ve mastered the basics of setting up a Google AdWords campaign, which means you’ve done your keyword research, used correct match types and set up tight, highly relevant ad groups. Despite doing all that, your campaigns are still suffering from high cost-per-click rates, which eventually pushes up your cost per conversion.

If such a situation sounds familiar, you may be missing out on some useful and simple optimization tricks for Google AdWords campaigns.


1. Make Use of Negative Keywords

Go to the Dimensions tab in your Google AdWords account, and run a search query. The request generates a list of all the keywords you’ve received clicks from. Search query reports can be a treasure trove of information. They tell you your most valuable keywords and also keywords that are simply eating your advertising budget.

For example, if you are running a campaign for Fender guitars for sale in your online store, clicks from “Fender guitar repairs” are wasted ad spend. To avoid wastage, add such keywords to the list of negative keywords in your account. This decreases irrelevant impressions and clicks and ultimately frees up money you can use to bid on more relevant keywords.


2. Place Offers in Your Ad Copy Headlines

The headline of your ad copy is crucial. It’s possibly the only part of your ad that users pay any attention to. Therefore, if you have an e-commerce store, including prices or offers in your headlines can dramatically increase your click-through rates (CTR) and bring down your cost per click.

For instance, continuing with the example of Fender guitars above, a good headline might be “Buy Fender Guitar @ $XXX.” If you’re running an offer, such as 40 percent off, include that instead of the actual price.


3. Use the Exact Model Name of Products as Keywords

Google is used by millions every day for research. Thus, someone who clicks on your ad through the keyword “Fender guitar” may only be researching different models of the guitar brand. However, someone who clicks on your ad through the keyword “Fender Stratocaster” is much more likely to buy from your store. People who use the exact model name or number to search for products on Google are usually at the decision stage, and such people are more likely to convert. So, be sure to include specific model names in your keyword list.


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