5 Impactful Retargeting Ad Ideas for a Successful Campaign

Sep 20, 2018 | Sales + Training

Retargeting ads is a powerful trick in a digital marketer’s toolbox. It’s an opportunity for you to reinforce your brand in the minds of viewers who have already visited your website.

These are people who have shown interest in your product or service, but haven’t pulled the trigger to buy. They’re warm. They’re interested. They’re familiar. Retargeting ads is your chance to close the loop and gain that conversion.

Still not sure about the power of retargeting? Consider these statistics:

“In one study, using retargeted ads led to a 1046% increase in branded search and a whopping 726% lift in site visits!”

“Retargeting can increase your conversions by more than 25%.”

“More agencies and brands are investing in retargeting; more than 50% are shifting budgets.”

So, what’s the best way to go about retargeting? How can it be done the right way to maximize conversions and make your efforts worth your while?

We seek to answer those questions here. Read on to learn our top five strategies for pulling off a successful retargeting campaign.


1. Use your ad copy to speak directly to fears and hesitations.

Consider the users you’re targeting when you remarket your brand. These people know your logo by now.

They’ve been to your website. They’ve poked around. But something stopped them in the conversion process; something made them hesitate. This is where you’re going to have to use a bit of detective work and persona development to understand what that hesitation was.


Are users worried about price—or do they think your product will take too long to ship? Do they think it’s going to be a complicated experience?

Your job is to figure out users fears and take your best shot at alleviating it. Do this by speaking to the specific fear in your ad.

For example, if you know that most customers don’t buy because they feel they can get your product faster in a brick and mortar store, then tell them how fast they’ll have it in your ad copy. You may want to use a headline such as, “Arrives at your door in 48 hours.”

Since they’ve visited your site before, it’s okay to put the brand play on the backburner and take a more detailed approach to ad content. Give them something to think about—and know that your usual generic ad probably won’t cut it.


2. Show them the products you know they love.

Here’s another example of putting data to good use. Since retargeting is all about nurturing an existing relationship, why not show viewers the products that they were eyeing on your website the first time they made the visit?

You should know what they were viewing. You should know how long they spent on those pages. Now is the time to dangle those products before them once again, as if saying, “C’mon and get me. I’m here. Waiting for you.


You’ve probably noticed retailers using dynamic remarketing in your personal web browsing. Clothing retailers do a great job of this.

You may have been eyeing those shoes last night, so when you see them again (this time, along with a 25% off code), it may be too much to resist. Think of it like a digital form of window shopping.


3. Make it urgent.

Urgency creates massive pressure. Ads that feature limited time offers or tell you that there are only “two products left!” can cause your blood pressure to spike (and may even get you to reach for your credit card!).

Airlines are notorious for this kind of marketing. You may be deliberating on a flight, but when you find out there are only a handful of seats left, well, there you have it – sold.

Flash sales. Limited time offers. Exclusivity. VIP offers. All these tactics leverage that vulnerable human within all of us who has a deep-rooted fear of missing out.

We’re living in a digital world…one where it’s easy to shop around and find a great deal. There’s no need to drive from store to store because browsing can happen 100% online.

Consumers bounce around fast. They’re comparison shopping. They’re reading reviews. And—via social media—they’re asking their friends and family what they think about your products.

So, don’t give them time to think. Tip them over the edge and make the decision easy for them by offering a discount or code. Sweet the deal and snag that conversion.


4. Test an abandon cart campaign with retargeting ads.

People ditch their online shopping cart for a range of reasons: second-guessing. A poor user experience. Because they had to save a pizza from burning in the oven.

70% of carts get abandoned just before the checkout is completed, something that can drive marketers to the point of obsession in their journey to figure out what went wrong.

Customers are often unprepared to buy and stunned by shipping costs.

In these cases, sometimes a reminder is all that is necessary. Simply let your shoppers know that they left something behind. You’ll be surprised at the spike you’ll see in conversions from something as simple as a reminder.


5. Experiment with cross-selling.

Don’t overlook a key group of people for your retargeting efforts: those who have already bought. That’s right, your existing buyers present an entirely new opportunity to experiment with retargeting ads!


They may have purchased one thing, but don’t miss out on the chance to show them other product categories, accessories, or other add-ons that may make sense. This group is extremely valuable, and you’ve already done the hardest part – getting them to buy in the first place.

Now, extend their loyalty and feel-good vibes to get them hooked on other product categories.

What will the power of ad retargeting do for your business? Remember, the more customized and thoughtful your ads are, the more beneficial they will be.

Let us know how it goes, and as always, please reach out if you have questions. We’re here to help.

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