Get on Board with Bing Network Syndication

Jan 25, 2019 | Sales + Training

There’s no doubt about it – it is a crowded world when it comes to paid search. Advertisers are fighting a tidal wave of competition and easily distracted viewers, all while trying to keep their ad spend in a reasonable range.

These challenges aren’t disappearing any time soon. That is why syndication is on the rise. Leveraging the curated Bing Partner Network is a no-brainer way to increase your advertiser reach with solid ROI.

We are especially thrilled to announce that MatchCraft now offers the full reach of Bing Network through its syndicated partners, built into our AdVantage platform. Read on to learn more about syndication, and how the Big Network and MatchCraft can help you succeed.


Syndication 101

Bing counts on select third parties partners, including Yahoo, AOL and CBS, to help boost their ad network’s search capabilities.


In today’s world, people are seeing ads from what feels like a billion devices and places – phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and so on. The customer journey is increasingly complex and spans across multiple sites with many devices serving as entry points. Bing Network can help reach your audience where they are, by displaying ads across its broad base of syndicated partner sites. All of that with rigorous traffic quality controls.

In short: think of syndication like casting an even wider net to capture your target audience, with the performance you expect.


How syndication can help your ad performance

Syndication is an easy way for you to cast that wider net and increase your impact.

Consider this: In 2017, there were more than 107 billion (yes, billion with a “B”!) searches performed across the Bing Network syndication. This is an opportunity to take part in that search action.

Some of the good stuff you’ll experience:

1. Reach more people!

Syndication means you can hit more people, which means more views, which means more clicks. On average, advertisers running ads on syndication get 20% more conversions.

2. Give your ads a chance.

Taking part in a larger network will help you cover all bases and give your ads a chance to truly perform. Mobile conversions are expected to grow significantly, once Syndication on the Bing Network is turned on – 60% on average.

3. Quality guaranteed.

Bing uses controls to protect the quality of its network, such as Publisher Traffic Quality Scores. Like in any search campaign, we recommend you monitor your syndication performance closely.  Unlike other networks, the Bing Network provides the option to exclude websites that may not be performing as expected, allowing you to optimize to the highest performing sites.

4. Keep your CPCs reasonable.

Bing Network syndication users tend to experience lower CPCs, which can give you a leg up in building better ROI.


Bing Syndication + MatchCraft

Drum roll please: Bing Network syndication is available now, built right into MatchCraft’s powerful platform. To enable it, simply go into your Network Targeting Settings.

MatchCraft believes Bing Network syndication gives our clients even more control and flexibility with audience targeting and traffic generation.

Source: Microsoft internal data, Bing Ads, 2017

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