AdVantage PPC Estimator Tool

Oct 28, 2015 | Sales + Training

The digital age is always evolving. Whether clients are adept at online advertising or new to digital campaign management, it’s sometimes difficult to help them understand exactly where they are getting an ROI on their campaign dollars. The MatchCraft Estimator tool alleviates these challenges by allowing sales teams to accurately determine the performance of a campaign by entering the preferred budget that a client is looking to spend.


How the Estimator Tool Works

The MatchCraft Estimator Tool uses keywords, geo targeting and budget data to calculate a range of expected price per click, so you can give your client a detailed analysis to accompany your estimates for their campaigns. The Estimator Tool provides you with an easy to use interface to enter and edit:

  • Keywords and phrases
  • Locales
  • Categories
  • Budget ranges

Features such as keyword customization, map displays and monthly PPC estimates per AdWords budget amounts makes the Estimator a go-to tool for weighing return on investment for each client’s campaign details. Unlike other search advertising technologies, the MatchCraft Estimator Tool generates estimates based on historical performance of the selected data without relying on specific advertisers.

The Estimator Tool gives your sales reps an advantage by providing a quick method of client-specific research and clear PDF printouts to communicate the expected results. An online dashboard and monthly emails keep your sales reps in the loop to make adjustments based on updated historical performance after order entry.


The Advantage Platform

Digital Marketing is more than just plugging a company name into a blog post and on a website tag. The research needed can be extensive and time consuming. Your clients don’t have to understand all the algorithms involved with developing bids and setting up campaigns, but they do need you to be able to show them in a concise manner how SEM best practices can work for them. The Advantage Platform makes this easy for your sales reps with streamlined tools for:

  • Managing bids and budgets
  • Determining at-risk campaigns
  • Setting traffic volume estimates
  • Integrating Google analytics
  • Entering orders
  • Managing campaigns and call tracking

Ready to see how well the MatchCraft Estimator Tool can work for you and your clients? Schedule a demonstration of the AdVantage™ Platform and Estimator Tool today.