Tips for Better Paid Search Campaign Management

Sep 9, 2015 | Sales + Training

Search engine marketing campaigns can be overwhelming to handle completely in-house, especially if you aren’t using a platform that provides you with features to cut down on the more monotonous aspects of handling SEM and PPC campaigns.

Implementing campaign management technology helps improve advertising effectiveness, increases productivity for publishers and digital agencies, and provides assistance with local search advertising.


The Benefits of SEM Technology for Local Search Advertising

Local search, especially for mobile advertising, has become a critical way for brands to reach hyper-targeted audiences. Over 59 percent of Google searches are seeking out local businesses, so there’s plenty of demand for these types of ads. However, it may be difficult for large publishers to handle their local search inventory without help.
SEM technology provides assistance with analytic tools that gather relevant local data, handle local search ad selling and make it easier for publishers to connect with advertisers. If you try to sell advertising based on location, you probably have a wide spread of geographic locations. While location-based ads are valuable, you probably won’t get much interest in ads that only get a few impressions. SEM platforms that work with multiple publishers can consolidate local ads into valuable packages for advertisers, allowing you to fully leverage the value of your traffic.


The Benefits of SEM Technology for Digital Agencies

When you’re a digital agency juggling multiple client accounts and a large SEM budget, you want to get the most out of your campaign. Working with online advertising effectively is part art and part science, and SEM software helps with the latter part of that so you can put the human touch on the former. If you spend your time seeking out publishers with specific types of ad inventory, the time investment is massive. Each of your clients has their own requirements for traffic, whether that’s geolocation, gender and age, education level, or family size. A SEM platform gives you a consolidated inventory to choose from so you can tailor your online advertising campaigns around specific traffic sources.

SEM technology helps you follow SEM best practices, streamlines your campaign management and provides major benefits to publishers and digital agencies. When you’re ready to choose a best-in-class SEM platform that provides real-time bidding algorithms, success metrics like call tracking and advanced campaign management tools.

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