MatchCraft AdVantage

You need an easy and efficient way to create and manage search campaigns for hundreds or thousands of small businesses at a time. And you need those campaigns to deliver superior results for your customers, month after month.

MatchCraft AdVantage is the industry’s leading search marketing platform for partners who manage search marketing campaigns for local businesses. Our sophisticated real-time bidding algorithm creates campaigns that deliver exceptional ROI to local merchants around the world.

  • Automated campaign setup and provisioning get your customers’ ads into Google Ads and Bing Ads quickly and easily
  • Budget management and hourly bidding ensure every campaign delivers maximum results with minimal human intervention
  • Integrated call tracking, reverse proxy, and conversion tracking offer the insights you need to optimize campaign performance
  • Our fully white-labeled Merchant Center integrates with Google Analytics and gives advertisers 24/7 reporting with true ROI analysis


Of course, advantage integrates all available ad extensions to make sure your advertisers get the most out of their investment:

  • Location extensions make it easier to find advertisers on the maps that appear in search results.
  • Call extensions add a “click to call” button when ads appear on mobile search results pages, driving more leads to advertisers’ front doors.
  • Sitelink extensions add links to specific pages of the advertiser’s website when ads appear. These additional links capture more real estate on search result pages, increasing click-throughs and conversion rates.

We succeed when our partners succeed – and everyone at MatchCraft is committed to that success.

MatchCraft AdVantage offers more than world-class technology. Each partner has a dedicated account management team that makes sure your sales and campaign management organizations are using our platform effectively. In addition to monthly check-ins and quarterly reviews, partners have direct access to MatchCraft’s account managers, campaign specialists and digital sales training experts at all times.


We’ve built our proprietary keyword library and ad copy database around the marketing needs of local businesses. advisor provides the essential building blocks for small business search campaigns in any industry, dramatically reducing setup time and account creation.

  • We hire, train, and use native language speakers to create these keywords and ad copies to create the most relevant, conversion focused results
  • Keyword and ad copy libraries are continuously refined and optimized based on extensive campaign performance data
  • Library includes over 2500 different verticals for local SMB’s in 24 languages, plus the ability to develop new libraries in almost any language or dialect
  • Customizable to each client’s campaign management needs


Ad Extensions

Ad extensions let advertisers display additional information in their search ads, such as phone number, address, and links to inner pages of a business’s website. With ad extensions enabled, users see bigger, richer listings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Search ads that use ad extensions generate more clicks and better conversion rates.

MatchCraft’s AdVantage platform automatically implements ad extensions on both Google and Bing search engine results pages.

Why use ad extensions?

  • Increase click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score
  • Lower cost per click
  • Drive more conversions
  • Show potential customers detailed product descriptions and contact information
  • Ads capture more “real estate” on search engine results pages


Automated Bid Optimization

MatchCraft’s AdVantage platform includes a powerful automated bidding algorithm that removes much of the manual labor from search campaign management and optimization.

Our bidding engine responds to market conditions in real time, adjusting bids hourly to make sure each search campaign budget captures the maximum number of clicks at the lowest cost.

Bid Optimization details:

  • Replaces hours of manual bid management, enabling campaign managers to work more efficiently across multiple clients
  • Helps search campaigns run evenly over time, rather than spiking and stalling when budget limits are reached too quickly
  • Minimizes unspent budget due to inefficient bidding


Merchant Center

We know how important it is to show advertisers the value they’re getting from their campaigns. The MatchCraft AdVantage platform includes a Merchant Center reporting dashboard that gives advertisers on-demand access to their campaign performance reports.

The Merchant Center, integrating data from Google Analytics, lets advertisers track key performance results like calls, emails, website activity, goal completions, revenue and more to the keyword level. AdVantage uses this data to make keyword-level bid adjustments, shifting campaign dollars to the keywords that are driving the best results (and away from underperforming terms).

Merchant Center details:

  • Fully white labeled reporting dashboard
  • Easy for advertisers to navigate and understand
  • Campaign performance results update daily
  • Reporting metrics are easily exportable into .pdf, .csv formats
  • Advanced Google Analytics integration


Reverse Proxy & Call Tracking

The MatchCraft AdVantage platform’s reverse proxy and call tracking features work together to track the results of each campaign’s search ads. We create a mirror image copy of the advertiser’s website using “reverse proxy” technology; all the content is the same except for the phone number, which we replace automatically with a call tracking number. When users click on the advertiser’s search ads, they see the reverse proxy site instead of the actual website.

The call tracking number routes all calls to the advertiser’s regular phone line without interruption. At the same time, the AdVantage platform records these calls so advertisers can review them later in the Merchant Center. AdVantage knows exactly which calls came via which search ads, enabling a precise ROI calculation and feeding data into the platform’s automated optimization engine.

Reverse Proxy and Call Tracking details:

  • Fully-automated solution
  • Advertiser avoids costly, difficult and time consuming javascript tracking setup
  • Helps to optimize the campaign to increase results
  • Advertiser has access to each recorded call to attribute conversions
  • Advertiser can easily understand what the marketing campaign is producing