Automated Responsive Search Ads

Feb 26, 2020 | Industry Updates

Responsive Search Ads

In 2019, Google announced the launch of Responsive Search Ads. This ad format enables advertisers to provision up to 43,680 different ad variations at once, by specifying up to 15 different headlines and 4 different ad descriptions. Responsive Search Ads can also display with other extensions (e.g. callouts).


This ad format offers advertisers the most flexibility by giving them the option to add a 3rd headline and a 2nd description.

But Responsive Search Ads can be a time guzzling endeavor. It is important to consider the amount of extra work that has to be put in by campaign managers to provision Responsive Search Ads for their advertisers’ campaigns.

MatchCraft however, has a solution.

Automated RSAs

MatchCraft’s adVantage offers resellers and agencies the ability to automate the creation of RSAs via its Automated RSA offering.

An Automated RSA  utilizes proprietary MatchCraft technology that allows Responsive Search Ads to be quickly created at scale using headlines and descriptions from existing Expanded Text Ads (ETAs).


Automated RSAs can be enabled on a campaign-level in adVantage. Once enabled, adVantage automatically creates one Automated Responsive Search Ad per category in the selected campaign, by using the existing ETA headlines and descriptions.


The automatically created RSAs are then provisioned to Google.

adVantage also ensures that all Automated RSAs are up to date by tracking source content changes and provisioning them in Google Ads.

Detailed information about how each Responsive Search Ad was created can be found in the adVantage Merchant Center, under the Campaign Details tab.


Similar to the reporting in Google Ads, Automated RSA performance reporting is aggregated at the category level and includes standard metrics such as Clicks, CTR, etc.



NoteadVantage only provisions Automated Responsive Search Ads to Google. Microsoft has not made Responsive Search Ads generally available in all ad accounts. Therefore, adVantage’s Automated Responsive Search Ads cannot be provisioned to Microsoft.

Benefits of Responsive Search Ads & Automated Responsive Search Ads

  • A/B Testing – Responsive Search Ads are a great tool for resellers and agencies looking to test different ad variations for their advertisers. Multiple headlines and descriptions allow Google to automatically test different combinations of ad content and learn which combinations perform best over time. Using that information, Responsive Search Ads adapt and show the most relevant messages to potential customers.
  • Improved Campaign Performance – According to Google, Responsive Search Ads may improve campaign performance by increasing click volume by up to 15%.
  • Bigger Reach Potential – Responsive Search Ads can show up for search queries that traditional ETA’s may not rank high enough for.
  • Major Time-Savings – This is a benefit of adVantage’s Automated Responsive Search Ads feature. Because it completely automates the process of setting up and provisioning Responsive Search Ads, campaign managers can provision Responsive Search Ads for each of their advertisers’ campaigns. Also, the fact that adVantage automatically updates Responsive Search Ads to reflect changes made to the source data, means that campaign managers don’t have to worry about outdated information showing up in their ads.

Best Practices

Relevant Content – Responsive Search Ad assets (headlines and descriptions) can be shown in any order or any combination by Google. Therefore, assets should make sense, both individually & when combined. If you are not using our taxonomy, adVisor, to populate your expanded text ads, make sure that each line of copy that you add for your ETAs makes sense a standalone piece of content.