Mother’s Day Search Trends 2023

May 5, 2023 | Blog, Industry Updates

Mother’s Day 2023 is poised to be a historic one, with consumers planning to spend a staggering $35.7 billion on gifts and celebrations. As a campaign manager looking for ways to capitalize on this opportunity, understanding consumer behavior and preferences becomes crucial. MatchCraft’s extensive taxonomy can help you plan accurate and effective campaigns so your advertisers can make the most of this special occasion.


Insights into Consumer Spending Habits for Mother’s Day 2023

A new survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics reveals that the average spending per person for Mother’s Day is set to reach a historic high of $274.02. Top spenders fall within the 35-44 age range, with an average spending of $382.26. When it comes to recipients, most people (57%) are purchasing gifts for a mother or stepmother, followed by a wife (23%) or daughter (12%).

Top Gift Categories and Emerging Trends for Mother’s Day

Traditional favorites continue to dominate gift choices, with flowers (74%), greeting cards (74%), and special outings (60%) being the most popular. However, consumers are also spending more on jewelry ($7.8 billion), special outings ($5.6 billion), and electronics ($4 billion) this year. There’s a clear emphasis on unique and thoughtful gifts (47%) and those that create special memories (42%). Additionally, product subscription boxes are gaining traction, with 46% of consumers showing interest, up from 39% last year.


Source: National Retail Federation

Consumer Shopping Preferences and Channels

Consumers display an equal preference for online (34%) and department stores (34%) when shopping for Mother’s Day gifts. Other shopping options include specialty stores (30%), local and small businesses (24%), and discount stores (23%). Catering to these preferences by offering a seamless omnichannel experience will be crucial for businesses looking to make the most of this opportunity.

Leveraging MatchCraft’s Extensive Taxonomy for Mother’s Day Campaign Success

By aligning your campaign with consumer behavior and spending trends, you can ensure that your marketing efforts resonate with your target audience. MatchCraft’s extensive taxonomy offers over 2,500 different verticals for local SMBs in 22 languages and dialects, plus the ability to develop new libraries in nearly any language to help you make the most of Mother’s Day 2023.

Don’t miss out on the potential of the record-breaking $35.7 billion spending for Mother’s Day 2023. Plan your campaigns with MatchCraft’s advanced taxonomy and unlock the key to successful advertising this year. Book a demo with our experts to learn more about how our advanced taxonomy can help you create effective and impactful campaigns for Mother’s Day 2023.