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Jul 31, 2020 | Product News

MatchCraft’s focus has always been on offering our reseller/agency clients ad-tech that not only gives them the ability to succeed in the present but also sets them up for staying ahead of the curve every time. A good example is the recent introduction of Automated Responsive Search Ads to our proprietary platform adVantage.

This week we will shine the spotlight on MatchCraft’s co-founder and author of 3 patents, Dorab Patel. He is responsible for leading the company’s efforts in identifying areas where MatchCraft’s offerings, as a whole, can be enhanced. His focus lies on influencing the strategic direction of the company.

Getting To Know Dorab

We asked Dorab to share some fun facts with us.

  • He is a licensed, instrument-rated, private pilot but hasn’t flown in a while and worries that he is woefully out of practice.
  • He enjoys cooking a lot!
  • And if you ever want to get on Dorab’s good side, he accepts bribes in the form of good dark chocolate.

What He Loves About The Role

  • Learning – Dorab said that one of his favorite things about the role is the ability to continuously learn new concepts and trends that are relevant to the company’s future.
  • Many Hats – As our co-founder, Dorab is intrinsically-versed in all aspects of the company that make MatchCraft an industry leader. As such, Dorab is routinely asked to provide his opinions and share his expertise on new product concepts and functionality evolutions – both internal & external facing.

Top Challenges 

  • Resource Allocation – The primary challenge for the Research & Development department lies in balancing the company’s long-term goals with its short-term needs using the resources available.

If Not In Technology Then What

  • At some point, Dorab considered law as a field of interest. He appreciated the possibility of being a purveyor of justice and was intrigued by the logical aspect of making a case.
  • And because he is a good cook & truly enjoys good food, Dorab could’ve been a chef as well.

Why Technology?

What drew Dorab to the technology field was the logical aspect of it and the ability to create an entire (digital) universe using nothing more than a laptop!

Evolution of Technology

As a contributing member of the technology field, Dorab says that over the years he has seen the industry move more and more towards automation, which has pushed the need to learn and evolve into overdrive.

And because constant evolution has become a mainstay in the technology industry, so has the need to focus on short term solutions alongside long term advances.

“Human beings need to be more focused on things that the computer can’t yet do,” said Dorab.

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