Responsive Display Ads in adVantage

Oct 9, 2020 | Product News

Digital advertising can time be consuming and overwhelming for both advertisers and the resellers & agencies managing their accounts. MatchCraft’s goal is always to ensure that our reseller and agency clients are able to not only manage their advertisers’ campaigns at scale but also offer them the latest and best in ad-tech directly via MatchCraft’s white-labeled platform adVantage. adVantage’s Responsive Display Ads feature is a good example of that.

Responsive Display Ads & the Need for Them

adVantage’s Display and Remarketing solutions offer ad setup, provisioning and management for campaigns on Google’s Display Network, an online advertising network that provides access to 3 million+ inventory partners, creating an opportunity to connect with customers at multiple stages in the sales funnel.

But the task of building ad creatives in various formats & sizes (20 different display ad sizes to accommodate its inventory partners), editing ad details like prices or call-to-actions and provisioning multiple variations of each ad size, leaves campaign managers with the challenge of creating and maintaining hundreds of ad assets – an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Add to that the ongoing concern of making changes to the ad creatives to accommodate advertiser promotions or changes in call-to-actions.

Responsive Display Ads (RDA) alleviate all the above issues by eliminating the need to build multiple display ads across various sizes. Instead, our reseller and agency clients’ campaign managers simply need to provide one set of readily available assets, which are then packaged to fit any of the 20 display ad formats supported by the Google Display Network.


The Advantage of Provisioning Responsive Display Ads via adVantage

In adVantage, the process of provisioning Responsive Display Ads is even more intuitive. The upload & cropping tool built into adVantage ensures that all ad images and logos meet the minimum size requirements and are resized to the appropriate proportions.


MatchCraft also offers performance reporting for each Responsive Display ad unit directly inside the adVantage platform and our white-labeled merchant center and PDF reports.

rda3-min rda4-min rda5-min

Benefits of Responsive Display Ads

  • More with Less – The Responsive Display Ads format offers campaign managers the flexibility of having their ad creatives provisioned in 20 different ad formats with minimal setup. All they have to do is provide one set of readily available assets. adVantage & GDN will do the rest.
  • Automation – The size, appearance and formats of RDAs are automatically adjusted to fit just about any available ad space.
  • Increased Reach and Impact – Along with the benefit of saving time, RDAs also offer enable the advertisers’ campaigns to reach a larger audience, thus, enhancing the impact of their ad spend.
  • Easy Display – For advertisers and campaign managers that are new to advertising on GDN. RDAs provide a fuss-free entry point by giving them the ability to provision campaigns using readily available assets such as images and videos.
  • Greater Customization, Higher Conversions – Google Ads’ machine learning will test each combination of ad assets (headlines, descriptions, images, etc.) to deliver, the most likely to convert, customized ads to users. Thus, improving overall campaign performance.

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