Auto Inventory Ads Best Practices

Apr 22, 2019 | Sales + Training

Car dealers, heads up. Your ad campaigns can be a whole lot easier.

Automobile advertising can often present a variety of challenges with the space being highly saturated with competition. When advertising to customers, it’s tough to find a balance with targeting the right audience, while continuing to expand your reach to potential buyers.

Plus, advertising in the right place at the right time can make or break your sales.

With all of the factors to consider with your auto advertising campaign, it can be tricky to find the right tools and the right approach. But with the help of Auto Ads by Google (Google’s machine learning AdSense program), we’re paving the way for efficient auto advertising.


Introducing Auto Ads by Google

For many business owners, marketing and advertising is something that is easiest when automated. And for those familiar with Google AdSense, automatic advertising is, for the most part, a breeze.


But while AdSense is easy to use, it can often lack the intuitive experience that you rely on to provide the best ads for your audience based on the web pages they are visiting. In comes Auto Ads by Google to save the deal (and the car sale).

Back in 2017, Google debuted Auto Ads, a format of automatic advertising that uses machine learning to “read” web pages and almost instantly detect the types of advertisements that should be placed there.


Auto Ads figure out the type, placement, and quantity of advertisements that should be placed on each page. 

The best part: Auto Ads can be activated with a simple line of code added to the back end of your website. Yes, it’s that simple.


Simplify your Auto Ads experience

Okay, so this may sound complicated, especially if you are a business owner in a field reliant on advertising to grow your brand or business. Luckily, we’ve got a solution.


MatchCraft’s AdVantage Auto provides a dynamic paid search solution specifically for automobile dealers.

  1. Our platform automatically creates ads, keywords, and URLs based on the most up-to-date inventory from a car dealer’s lot.
  2. Auto inventory product uses attributes that are specific to the auto industry (such as make, model, year, and type of automobile) when creating the themed ads, keywords, and URLs you can use for your business marketing.

And with Google Auto Ads, AdVantage Auto can run even better! Google Auto Ads helps place your automobile ads, that AdVantage Auto generates for you, in the most relevant website.

If you’re a car dealer, this is the tool you’ve probably been searching for (or the advertising solution you never knew you needed).


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