Save Time & Improve Performance with GMB Linking

Dec 12, 2019 | Sales + Training

Our aim at MatchCraft is to simplify campaign management for our resellers and agency clients and their advertisers. Every feature on our platform adVantageTM is designed keeping that goal in mind.

In the past few years, Google My Business has gained popularity among those searching for local goods and services due to its ease of use. According to the “Google My Business Insights” study conducted by Bright Local, 49% of businesses with Google My Business profiles receive 1000+ Search Views on an average per month. And since Google My Business Listings have a 5% conversion rate, advertisers can’t afford to ignore this free Google offering.

MatchCraft offers support for linking Google Ads accounts, inside adVantage, to merchants’ Google My Business accounts.

How it Works

MatchCraft has simplified the Google My Business linking process. There’s no need to ask the merchant to look for a GMB authorization email or provide instructions on how to log into GMB. The process is automated in adVantage.

Once a merchant has verified their business listing on Google My Business, the campaign manager can link the GMB account to the merchant’s ad campaigns being managed in adVantage.


This feature makes Google Maps ad inventory available to merchant’s Google Ads campaigns. The linked campaigns can then start displaying ads in Google Maps.


Having access to Google Maps ad inventory is important because 88% of consumers searching for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.



  • Process Simplification: MatchCraft has streamlined the GMB linking process for the agency and reseller. The campaign manager simply has to enter the email address associated with the merchant’s GMB account in adVantage, and an authorization link will be provided that can be shared with the merchant for approval.
  • Scale: This solution is completely scalable and thus, enables our reseller and agency clients to offer GMB linked paid search campaigns to merchants with a wide range of campaign budgets.
  • Improved Performance: Tying paid search to Google Map ads improves overall performance. It gives our resellers the opportunity to show more conversions and deliver a good return on investment to their advertisers. Thus, reducing customer churn.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Resellers can also use adVantage’s white-labeled reporting tool, the Merchant Center, to show the performance of ads on Google Maps, as well as the rest of the Google Search Network.

Driving Results

One of our clients’ health services-oriented program is a great example of the impact this product can have on campaigns.

In this program over 75% of active accounts are linked to the merchants’ GMB accounts. The mobile device ad clicks to “Get Location Details” (typically an interaction with a Google Maps ad) in June 2019 were over 5x the number of such interactions in January 2019, just before accounts were first linked to the merchant GMB accounts.

The “Get Location Details” click type is now responsible for over 23% of all mobile device ad clicks among active accounts linked to the merchant’s GMB account versus 4% in January 2019 prior to linking.