Social Express: Support for Carousel Ads

Dec 5, 2019 | Sales + Training

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it. Social media is an integral part of our lives today and, as such, so is social advertising.  At 2.23 billion monthly active users in 2019, Facebook leads the social network pack. Instagram is not far behind, with 1 billion active users every month.

MatchCraft’s adVantageTM platform provides 2 solutions – Social Express and Social Connect, for resellers and agencies looking to take advantage of (pun intended) the benefits of Facebook and Instagram advertising for their merchants.

adVantage Social simplifies Facebook & Instagram advertising by offering automated optimization for all Facebook campaigns, ads, and ad sets. It also offers a single view for easy monitoring and reporting.

Social Express is the ideal solution for companies looking to scale their social products by offering packages focused on common objectives and creative types. Social Connect offers the ability to connect campaigns created in Facebook to adVantage for reporting, monitoring, disapproval tracking and optimization. It is suitable for resellers and agencies looking for a solution with maximum flexibility. You can learn more about adVantage Social here.

Recently, we launched support for Carousel Ads delivery on Facebook and Instagram via our Social Express product.

Carousel Ads offer the ability to combine multiple images and/or videos into a single ad on Facebook and Instagram. According to a report by Kinetic Social, Carousel Ads can increase CTR by as much as 10 times on Facebook and Instagram.



According to “The Online Advertising Landscape in 2019”, a study conducted by WordStream, 54% of SMBs use Carousel Ads for their Facebook advertising.

Social Express Carousel Ads support the following objectives: 

  • Driving traffic to the advertiser’s website
  • Reaching the maximum number of audiences with your ad.
  • Promoting a video.

Once the Ads have been provisioned via adVantage, they can be previewed in our Merchant Center.


Benefits of Carousel Ads:

  • Lower cost per conversion – According to data shared by Facebook, Carousel Ads enable conversions at 30%-50% lower costs. So, they are a cost-effective way of generating more leads for advertisers.
  • More room for creativity – Carousel Ads allow campaign managers to highlight their advertisers’ products and services in multiple visual formats. They can use a combination of text, images, and videos to tell a comprehensive brand story.
  • Maximize your viewer’s attention span – Even though an average viewer’s attention span is not lesser than a goldfish’s, there are many options for a viewer to choose from and thus, it is important to make the most of the time a viewer spends interacting with an advertiser’s ad. Carousel Ads enable campaign managers to give an ample amount of information in a format that is easy to consume.
  • Multiple calls-to-action – Carousel Ads let campaign managers add up to 5 images or videos, which means they can add 5 headlines and 5 calls-to-action (CTA), giving users more opportunities and reasons to click on the ad. This also enables campaign managers to A/B test their ads by seeing how various CTA’s are performing, without having to pay for additional ads.

Support for Carousel Ads is just one of the many features offered by adVantage Social to make Facebook and Instagram advertising more efficient and scalable for our reseller and agency clients.