Your 2016 PPC Advertising Strategy

Nov 3, 2015 | Sales + Training

According to a recent report from Hanapin the advertising world is looking bright for pay-per-click advertising. Text ads, remarketing and mobile ads have exceeded many expectations in 2015, leading to higher budgets for 2016.

Some key takeaways found from the Hanapin report include:

  • 78% of marketers were happy with PPC spending,
  • 90% of respondents attributed text ads as the most important ad format
  • Marketing executives are proponents of paid searches for their digital marketing campaigns
  • 72% of executives counting it as one of the best channels for getting revenue results.
  • 75% of respondents plan to increase spending on AdWords in the next 12 months, and 60% planned to spend more on Bing ads.

It’s clear that PPC digital advertising campaigns provide positive results. If you’re planning on scaling your paid search efforts for 2016, it’s important to complete due diligence, which includes looking at your current campaign management solution to determine whether it can handle scaling as new clients are brought on board and new networks to explore. If you’re handling most of your business processes manually, it can be difficult or impossible to keep up with client demand, resulting in a poor customer experience. Looking to a programmatic solution for your digital advertising needs is not only the current trend, but is also showing as a best practice to provide overall satisfaction, optimization and ROI on your campaigns.


Getting the Most Out of Your 2016 PPC Spend

Text, remarketing and mobile ads provide your business with several digital marketing options, but getting the most out of your 2016 PPC spend means using the right technology to support your paid search efforts. MatchCraft’s award winning AdVantage platformhas many features that streamline ad sales and managing paid search campaigns for local companies.

Bid and budget management options are specifically designed for helping local businesses with effective paid search campaigns. You get the right type of ad inventory to see results through text ads, remarketing campaigns and mobile advertising for your clients. MatchCraft’s Global Estimator tool serves as an excellent sales asset and gives a accurate estimate based on historical data for whatever budget you or your clients are looking to spend. The order entry and provisioning tool streamlines and optimizes your campaign management process taking away the often tedious process of setting up a search, display or social campaign. When you don’t spend as much time on processes that are automated, you spend more time on making your clients happy and optimizing paid search campaigns. You also get much-needed visibility with a full merchant center dashboard and Google Analytics directly integrated to ensure accuracy and to monitor KPIs set for your campaigns.

If you are looking to scale your digital advertising efforts with a platform that helps you work more efficiently and effectively with any of the following: search, display, social, remarketing, and mobile ads- moving into the new year, get in touch for a free demo of the AdVantage platform and see firsthand how it can transform your campaign management.


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