The 2024 Siinda Awards are Back!

Feb 18, 2024 | Digital Advertising

The 2024 Siinda Awards are just around the corner, which means it’s a good time to look back at some of the amazing stuff that happened in 2023. Last year, MatchCraft, in partnership with Vendasta, delivered a presentation about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing nearly every industry, and we are excited to be considered again this year!

But what is Siinda, and why is this event so important? In this article, we will talk about this prestigious designation and why we are proud to be considered for this award.

What are the Siinda Awards?

Siinda is a non-profit association based in Europe that brings together agencies, brands, media, and technology companies in the local search, digital advertising, media, mobile, and “on-demand” industry sectors. They promote partnerships through their extensive member network, which includes many of the most well-known media outlets in Europe and around the world.

The Siinda Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards are a celebration of companies that generate ideas to help businesses succeed online. It is like the Oscars for digital marketing, where companies get acknowledged for their passion for creating an excellent user experience.

The Siinda Awards recognize the companies that make the online world a better place, whether by generating innovative ideas or improving the user experience. What’s even better is that the awards are open to businesses of all sizes, not just the larger ones, providing everyone with an opportunity to showcase their creative ideas.

Now you know why we are so excited to be a part of this!

What We Learned Last Year

A graphic showing a quote from Sandy Lohr, the CEO of MatchCraft at the 2023 Siinda Awards

Last May, MatchCraft and Vendasta got together at Siinda Live Berlin to talk about AI and why it’s a big game-changer for businesses. We explained how AI is changing the way people work, increasing productivity, and ushering us into a new era of advancement. The presentation talked about:

  • Winners in the AI landscape
  • How it is improving workflow
  • Why it is imperative to act now
  • Overcoming challenges to adoption

A graphic showing a second quote from Sandy Lohr, the CEO of MatchCraft at the 2023 Siinda Awards

The clock is ticking, and it is not the time to stand still. In fact, a staggering 45% of global economic gains by 2030 will be attributed to AI. How is this possible? Well, we anticipate AI will drive major product enhancements, stimulate consumer demand, and generate labor savings (PWC). There is money to be made from AI—are you in?

Key takeaways to consider:

  • AI enables lightning-fast innovation
  • Winners will own their own data and workflows
  • Consult your legal team along the way
  • Embrace what AI can do for you and your customers
  • Resist the urge to hold off

Practical Uses of AI 2023 White Paper

Want to learn more about our presentation at the 2023 Siinda Awards? We wrote a white paper all about it! This guide shows important insights about which companies are diving headfirst into AI adoption, the benefits of AI, and tips for incorporating it into your own business.

And guess what? These expert insights are completely FREE! Check them out here.

A graphic showing an abstract representation of AI technology with the text “Practical uses of AI Whitepaper”

While we excitedly wait for this year’s Siinda Awards, let’s remember the lessons we learned from last year. AI is a productivity powerhouse, making processes better and helping businesses grow. From automated reporting to AI content suggestions for ad campaigns, MatchCraft is committed to making digital advertising accessible for everyone.

With the introduction of Connect and two-way directional syncing for advertising on Bing, Facebook, and Google, it has never been easier to start an advertising campaign.

So, let’s get ready to cheer for the winners and get inspired by the power of AI!