What is a Connect Account?

Dec 14, 2023 | Blog, Knowledge Center

What is MatchCraft Connect?

Have you heard? MatchCraft has just got even better with its all-new Connect. But now you might be asking, “What is Connect?” Good question, and we’re glad you asked. It’s not just a multi-platform set of tools and features; it’s a new way to manage your Facebook, Bing, and Google Ads campaigns, delivering more flexibility and ad spend efficiency directly to your fingertips. Here, let’s show you what it’s about.


Key Features of the New MatchCraft Connect Account


Campaign Creation In-Platform

Connect accounts allow for the creation of Facebook, Bing, and Google campaigns directly in their respective platforms or all in one place via the MatchCraft platform. This means you now have a choice in where you kickstart your campaigns. 


Freedom to Choose Where You Make Change

The magic doesn’t stop there. With a Connect account, you also have the freedom to make real-time changes to your ads directly on your preferred ad platform or directly in the MatchCraft platform. This means you get to take advantage of the best features in both scenarios. 


Access to New Features

We’ve been listening to your feedback and got to work to make your advertising experience even better with MatchCraft. 

Our newly unveiled Connect account opens doors to features that were previously beyond reach through the MatchCraft platform’s User Interface (UI) or Application Programming Interface (API)

It’s a big leap forward in empowering your advertising strategies, and we are excited to highlight all these new features for you in the following sections!


Campaign Types in Google Connect

Google Connect focuses on four core Google campaign types, each tailored to elevate your advertising game.


Google Search Campaigns

Including support for mirrored Bing Search campaigns, ensuring a comprehensive reach across the biggest search platforms.


Google Display Campaigns

Now with added support for remarketing, giving you more tools to engage and convert your audience with Google Display.


Google Performance Max Campaigns

Now, you can fully harness the power of Performance Max to supercharge your campaigns for optimal performance.


Google Video Campaigns (Reporting-Only)

While Google Video campaigns are read-only in the UI, they open the door to enhanced reporting through the Merchant Center, API reporting, and performance emails.


What’s New for Existing MatchCraft Users with Connect


Account-level Extensions

Save time with a common set of site links, callouts, and structured snippets defined at the account level for all Connect segments.


Image Extensions

Add visual appeal to your search results with the introduction of image extensions.


Demographic Targeting

Refine your search segments based on audience demographics, adding a layer of precision to your targeting.


Audience Targets & Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)

Target search segments more precisely based on audience interests and previous visits to merchant websites, leveraging the power of Google Ads audiences.


Easy Campaign Onboarding

Link pre-existing search campaigns to the MatchCraft platform seamlessly, eliminating the need for a complex data migration.


Real-Time Changes

Experience the convenience of real-time updates, making it easy to pivot between the MatchCraft platform and your Google, Facebook, or Bing Ads effortlessly.


Access to Additional Google Features

Utilize Google features like promotion extensions and app extensions in conjunction with Google Connect.


Auto-Applied Recommendations (AAR)

Google Connect brings support for Auto-Applied Recommendations, aligning with Google’s emphasis on AAR adoption for resellers.


Future Releases

The journey doesn’t end with Beta 1—exciting developments lie ahead in 2024:


Expanding Features

Future versions will introduce broader support for existing Standard account features not yet available in current Connect accounts.


Combined Budgets

Look forward to supporting combined budgets for both Google and Facebook campaigns.


Efficiency Enhancements

Enhancements to the MatchCraft platform will streamline campaign creation and management, introducing advanced filtering, find/replace functionality, and more.

With the new Connect account on the MatchCraft platform, the future of digital advertising is at your fingertips. The power to create, manage, and optimize campaigns across Google, Bing, and Facebook is just the start. Embrace the possibilities, stay tuned for updates, and witness your advertising strategies reach new heights with Connect.

Are you ready to make the switch? Contact your client engagement manager to get started.