How to Use MatchCraft’s PPC Estimator Tool to Create Amazing Proposals

Jan 17, 2023 | Blog, Knowledge Center

In a previous blog, we mentioned that more information on MatchCraft’s PPC Estimator Tool was soon to follow that would go over how it can help you win more proposals—and this is the blog with that information! When it comes to creating winning proposals, certain tips will help you seal the deal much more often. Curious about what those tips are? Then read on and learn more.

How to Create Amazing Price Proposals

Proposal Writing Tips

It is important to get a lot of information across without taking up too much time, or you run the risk of losing interest in your proposal.

Here are some pointers to help you strengthen your proposal so that you can win more proposals:

  1. Create a standard proposal. Make sure you look at exactly what needs to go into your proposal. Don’t skip anything because it doesn’t seem important to you.
  2. Show prospects what they’re getting for the price. What can you offer that your competitors cannot? What problem do you solve that others cannot?
  3. Be transparent with your agency’s compensation mode. Be up front about how compensation works; this isn’t a conversation you want to hold later.
  4. Give options for more services. The more services you have, the better. Let people know that you can bring services to the table that others may not.
  5. Propose a phased approach to delivering results. At the end of the day, what people care about are the results. Be real with your results.
  6. Add case studies to back up your results. Do your research! You can’t expect to win proposals with no statistics to back you up.



How Does MatchCraft’s PPC Estimator Tool Help?

When it comes to being transparent about what you’re proposing, it helps to have the data to back you up. However, localized paid search and social media spending estimates can be extremely time-consuming to collect. This is where MatchCraft’s PPC Estimator Tool comes in and saves you time and, in the process, money. Along with localized, intelligent ad spend estimates, the PPC Estimator Tool also gives you the following:

  • Cost-per-click estimates
  • Geo-targeting for localized recommendations
  • Advanced audience interest and behavior targeting
  • Ad and keyword suggestions using site URL

What Does the PPC Estimator Tool Give You?

By turning data sets into personalized, actionable ad spend estimates, your prospects will have a realistic expectation of what their ad spend can deliver. Using a psychology-based pricing strategy, you can approach any proposal with all the confidence you need to win over prospective clients.


Why Should I Use MatchCraft’s PPC Estimator Tool?

If you want to save yourself the time it takes to compile important information, then the PPC Estimator Tool is what you need. Not only can it gather the information you need to generate your pricing proposal in seconds, but it also allows you to easily automate lead generation. The team at MatchCraft created the PPC Estimator Tool, which is easy to learn and easy to teach to your sales team. Not only that, it enables you to upsell opportunities and win the trust of your prospects.

Ready to see yourself mastering the art of proposals? Then reach out to the experts at MatchCraft. See your business grow by scheduling a demo today!