6 Tips to Get More Clients for PPC Agencies

Dec 8, 2022 | Blog, Knowledge Center, Webinars

The art of selling is a complex and sometimes uphill battle. What many do not realize is that the selling of products and services comes down to one thing: human psychology. You can double the time and effort in prospecting, but without a full understanding of who your ideal clients are, winning deals may remain challenging.

In this article, we will discuss six tips for getting more clients for your advertising agency. Follow MatchCraft on social media to learn more in the future!

Increase Your Leads

One of the best and strongest ways to increase your sales is simple: increase your leads. The more people who have access to your services and products, the more profitable your agency will be. But how do you increase your leads? Numerous ways! 

Start by defining your ideal client; how will you know who to target if you don’t know who you’re advertising to? Next, define what problems you are solving for them. Finally, outline how your solution is unique to others in the marketplace. Bonus points if you can solve a problem that other agencies cannot!



Connecting with your advertisers is a proven way to attract clients. First, leverage your own social media. When doing so, remember your target clients, and build social media posts based on what they want to see. 

Second, maintain relationships with clients. Yes, even those past clients who bought your services a year ago! This is a great way to get them to come back and make referrals and tell others about how great you are!

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Provide Quick Wins

While success does not happen overnight, having a few “quick wins” that are easy to implement can make you more appealing to clients. This may include enhanced engagement, steady sales, or increased leads. It is important to remind your clients that this may not always be the case; however, implementing your advertising strategies can certainly help make these things more regular. 

Show Results

Everyone wants to see results. Your prospects are more likely to trust the reviews of fellow users. Based on your client’s needs, they may be looking for either long-term results or short-term results. The best way to show them this is by providing them with information about other campaigns managed with goals similar to their own. Make sure your portfolio shows results and answers any questions they may have. Remember: what problem are you trying to solve for them? Your results should reflect that. 

Increase the Size of Transactions

Upselling, raising your prices, adding tiered pricing, and offering discounts are various ways of increasing the size of transactions through your business. While using tiered pricing, you can upsell clients depending on their needs, which in turn helps your business grow. 

Invest in Your Sales Team


Whether it means having your sales team attend sales training sessions, teaching them how to negotiate, or developing a sales strategy, you should feel confident knowing that your sales team knows what they are doing. 

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