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Make it Easier and Faster for Your Sales Teams to Hit Your Revenue Goal

The AdVantage PPC Estimator Tool eliminates time-consuming guesswork and gives winning, intelligent paid search and social estimates for local businesses. That way, you can focus your attention on what you do best: helping your clients grow and reach new heights in their campaigns.

Win more deals with localized paid search and social spend estimates


Intelligent Budget Forecast

Exceed advertiser expectations with localized, intelligent ad spend estimates.

  • Cost-per-click estimates
  • Geo-targeting for localized recommendations
  • Advanced audience interest and behavior targeting
  • Ad and keyword suggestions using site URL

Better Marketing

Turn boring data sets into personalized, actionable ad spend estimates designed to push your prospects 100% all in.

  • Branded, downloadable PDF to share with your advertisers
  • Psychology-based pricing packages
  • Creative ad copy and mockup suggestions
  • Localized and market-based search query keywords

Better marketing

Turn boring data sets into personalized, actionable ad spend estimates designed to push your prospects 100% all in

  • Branded, downloadable pdf to share with your advertisers
  • Psychology-based pricing packages
  • Build ad copy and mockup suggestions
  • Localized and market-based search query keywords

Easy-to-use and Scalable

Speed up your sales process and build a smarter sales team.

  • Only takes 5 minutes to build an ad spend estimate
  • Less than a day of training
  • Upsell opportunities right from the beginning
  • Valuable advertising recommendations
  • Win the trust of prospects faster

Yes, it’s all automated, but this is made by human experts

Our team is composed of leaders in the advertising, sales, and marketing industries with decades of experience in the digital age. For over 20 years, we’ve helped hundreds of resellers and agencies manage and optimize their campaigns with software that delivers bigger, better, and more measurable results.

When you add MatchCraft’s PPC Estimator Tool to your campaigns, you’re not only working with an intuitive budget estimator. You’re partnering with industry leaders who’ve walked the walk, talked the talk, and are ready to help your clients reach online advertising success.


How Does the AdVantage Estimator Tool Work?

All it takes is 5 minutes of your time to produce a digital media ad spend estimate that wins the deal.


Name your first estimate with Local Advertiser Name


Select related categories from our 6,000+ list or by entering the site URL


Refine location using advanced geo-targeting or point and radius


Customize three pricing buckets based on their desired ad spend


Download and share branded, personalized digital ad spend estimates with local advertisers

If You Choose the AdVantage
PPC Estimator Tool As Your Sales Partner…

Utilizing MatchCraft’s in-house campaign data, imagine what you can achieve if you have the insights your competitors don’t.

Using the PPC Estimator Tool

Automate branded pay-per-click estimates in 5 minutes or less
Build an agile, smarter sales team backed with intelligent data based on 24+ years of experience, 700,000+ campaigns managed, 6,000 local business categories in 44 countries, and 20+ languages
Informed, realistic budget forecast right from the start designed to exceed client expectations in the long run

Manual or outsourced ad spend estimates

Waste hours collecting and verifying data between ad platforms and inputting it all into one massive Excel sheet
Spend years and thousands of dollars developing clunky systems or hiring and outsourcing dozens of sales teams
Witness underperforming campaigns that lead to multiple refund requests

Let’s talk. We’ll see how we can unlock your revenue goals.


How much is the average PPC budget?

PPC pricing varies widely depending on factors like your client’s industry, size, strategy, and ad network. However, data from WebFX reveals that small and mid-size companies spend an average of $9,000-$10,000 per month on PPC campaigns, with a total return of $2 for every $1 spent.

What is psychology-based pricing?

Here at MatchCraft, we believe in boosting value rather than discounting. Our automated PDF proposals use price anchoring designed to increase the impulse to purchase. Moreover, this strategy guides business owners to view value-added packages and upsells as the better deal.

How do URL-generated keywords and ad suggestions work?

You don’t have to research and dig deeper into your prospect’s website to produce an insightful proposal. You can simply copy-paste your prospect’s website URL into the PPC Estimator Tool, and it will automatically provide you with the prospect’s business category and its suggested keywords. Moreover, it will also suggest Search ad copy that you can include in your proposal.

Optimize Your PPC Campaigns With MatchCraft

At MatchCraft, we bring data-backed solutions to anyone looking to sell and manage high-performing ad campaigns. With our AdVantage PPC budget calculator on your team, you can predict and optimize your ad campaigns where it counts, driving real results in real time.

Plan your clients’ PPC budgets without the headache. Request more information about the MatchCraft PPC Estimator Tool today.