Navigate Bing MSAN Changes with MatchCraft: What to Expect

Apr 5, 2023 | Blog, Industry Updates

As a Bing Ads user, you may have come across the recent updates regarding the automatic opt-in to Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN). At MatchCraft, we understand that change can be daunting. Our goal is to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and success. We are committed to guiding you throughout this transition, ensuring your Bing Ads campaigns continue to deliver outstanding results tailored to your clients’ needs. 

Below, we provide additional information on MSAN, the proactive steps MatchCraft is taking, and how our expertise can help you navigate these changes while enhancing your advertising strategies.

What does MSAN mean for you?

Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) is a display network that complements Bing search campaigns. It expands a campaign’s reach by showing ads to a wider audience, increasing the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The recent update by Microsoft will automatically opt-in all Bing search campaigns to MSAN traffic, with no option to control the budget percentage or bid amounts.

As a result of this update, your Bing search campaigns will now be exposed to MSAN traffic. This means that your ads will require images, either provided through image extensions or, if not available, from MSAN’s own stock image library.

What to Expect?

The team at MatchCraft is dedicated to helping you adapt to these changes and make the most of your Bing Ads campaigns. To achieve this, we are taking the following steps:

  • Seamlessly integrating the import of Google campaigns into Bing: As a feature of Google Connect, campaigns and subsequent optimizations can be imported from Google into Bing. This will help to align your Bing campaigns with your Google marketing efforts for increased effectiveness.
  • Making the most of Syndicated Partner Network: As a result of these changes, you now have the opportunity to open up the Syndicated Search Partner Network. This will help divert some of your spend away from MSAN, and many believe that the partner network provides more relevant traffic than MSAN alone. By combining these channels, you can optimize your budget and drive better results for your campaigns.

Navigating MSAN with MatchCraft

Although the changes to Bing Ads and the automatic opt-in to Microsoft Audience Network may seem daunting, we believe that these updates will ultimately benefit your advertising campaigns. By expanding your reach, utilizing the Syndicated Search Partner Network, you can embrace these changes and continue to deliver measurable results for your advertisers. 

MatchCraft is committed to guiding you through these changes and ensuring that your Bing Ads campaigns remain effective and in line with your objectives. Our team of experts is available to provide support and answer any questions you may have about these updates and the impact on your advertising efforts.