MatchCraft’s Q3 2023 CPC and CTR Insights

Nov 21, 2023 | Blog

Paid search advertising is like a constantly changing puzzle, and having the right pieces can make all the difference for your PPC campaign. For example, long tail keywords make up as much as 70% of all search traffic—but how do you find the ones to target (CWS)? This month, we will do a deep dive into our Q3 2023 data and share some fascinating insights that can help you fine-tune your advertising strategy for success.

Here’s what we found:

Highest and Lowest CPC in Q3 2023

Cost Per Click (CPC) is like the heart of your paid search campaign, revealing how much you’re spending for each click on your ads. Let’s take a closer look at which industries had the highest and lowest CPC in Q3 2023:

Lowest CPC Industries

  • Arts & Entertainment – $0.43
  • Dating & Personals – $0.76
  • Sports & Recreation – $0.93

Highest CPC Industries

  • Green Technology – $3.73
  • Law – $3.28
  • Construction & Repair – $3.04

Things have gotten more expensive for Green Technology’s CPC rising to $3.73 from $3.45 (+8.11%). Law, which sits in second place, has seen its CPC decrease by 36 cents, sitting at $3.28 from a high of $3.64 in Q2. Construction & Repair has maintained its position, nestling in at $3.04 and down 19 cents from our last report ($3.23)

For the lowest CPC this time around, Arts & Entertainment is leading the pack, dropping from $0.65 to $0.43.

But wait, that’s not all—let’s talk about click-through rates.

Highest and Lowest CTR in Q3 2023

Click-Through Rate (CTR) measures how engaging your ads are to potential customers. A higher CTR means your ads are hitting the right note. Here are some trends we noticed this quarter:

Highest CTR Industries

  • Arts & Entertainment – 11.11%
  • Travel – 10.25%
  • Smart Technology – 6.69%

Lowest CTR Industries

  • Green Technology – 1.23%
  • Religion & Spirituality – 1.74%
  • Government & Community – 3.02%

Two of the most prominent industries this time around are Arts & Entertainment at 11.54% (down 0.43%) and Travel at 10.25% (a slight decrease of 0.14%). Real Estate has lost its footing and has been replaced in third place by Smart Technology at 6.69%

Religion & Spirituality has seen a significant drop from 3.37% to 1.74%, but it still is not the lowest, with Green Technology taking the lowest CTR in Q3 at 1.23%.

Ready for Even More Insights?

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