The Power of Targeting: Maximizing Local Reach

May 17, 2023 | Blog

When advertisers use geo-targeting and ad customization, they can deliver tailored messages to different consumers based on the information gathered about them. The better your client understands what their target customers want and need, the more likely they can achieve a greater conversion rate.

To provide your clients with what they need for a successful campaign, ad customization and geo-targeting are invaluable methods to maximize their local reach. In this article, we will cover why targeted ads are a highly effective strategy for connecting consumers with the products and services they want and share how MatchCraft’s suite of tools can help them get there.

4 Strategies for Better Geo-Targeting Advertising and Behavior Targeting

1. Geo-Targeting Advertising: Boosting Local Reach

When it comes to effective advertising, where you promote matters. Geo-targeting is the strategy of sharing content with users based on their location. This strategy is most commonly used by businesses online for advertising to boost their local reach and provide a more relevant online experience for users.

The Benefits of Geo-Targeting for Local Businesses

Geo-targeting allows your clients to zero in on specific areas to find the right customers. It also allows them to run different ads in several locations, so their content is perfectly optimized for the distinct audiences in each place.

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How MatchCraft’s Features Enable Precise Location Targeting

MatchCraft’s platform includes several tools and features that enable precise location targeting for digital advertising campaigns. Here are some of the ways that we can help campaign managers enable location targeting for their clients:

  • Radius Targeting: This feature allows advertisers to target specific geographic areas by setting a radius around a particular place, such as a business address or postal code.
  • Geo-Fencing: This tool allows businesses to only target specific locations or areas based on their GPS coordinates. Examples include targeting customers in a particular neighborhood, shopping center location, or event venue.
  • Location-Based Ad Customization: MatchCraft also enables businesses to customize their ads based on the user’s location. For example, create ads that display different messaging or offers depending on whether the user is nearby their physical store or in a different part of town.

By leveraging radius targeting and location-based ad customization, campaign managers can create highly targeted local digital advertising campaigns. As a result, your clients may see an increase in ROI and foot traffic at their physical locations.


2. Behavior Targeting: Connecting with the Right Audience

When selling products or services to consumers online, click-through rates and conversions are the meat and potatoes of a successful advertising campaign. It is beneficial to use behavior targeting tools to connect your clients with consumers already searching for their particular type of product or service.

Understanding Behavior Targeting

Behavior targeting is an advertising technique businesses use to target customers based on their online habits, such as their last purchase, the sites they frequently visit, and the keywords they search for on Google and Bing. Suppose, for example, that a user browses a luxury watch on a website. The business can then display ads for them on other websites or at the top of search results, increasing the likelihood the customer will buy the product.

Benefits of Behavioral Targeting for Businesses 

Giving your friend a motorcycle helmet for her birthday if you knew she loved to bake might seem strange. Your advertising plan should follow the same principle. Make sure you are targeting consumers based on their behavior to always hit the mark. The primary benefits of using this strategy include:

  • Higher user engagement
  • Increased click-through rates
  • Better conversion rates
  • More sales

Through behavior targeting, businesses can advertise to consumers according to their unique browsing habits and display relevant content they are more inclined to interact with. It increases the likelihood that the user will either request more information about the product or service or make a purchase. 

Using the MatchCraft platform, campaign managers can easily alert customers to their clients’ relevant products and keep them informed about brands in which they have previously shown interest.

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MatchCraft’s Tools for Behavior Targeting

With a range of advanced tools and technologies, MatchCraft offers audience segmentation, interest-based targeting, and retargeting strategies that help businesses maximize their advertising efforts. Let’s explore these features in more detail:

  • Audience Segmentation: MatchCraft’s audience segmentation feature allows businesses to divide their target market into distinct groups based on various criteria. By analyzing demographics, user behavior, and purchase intent, MatchCraft helps businesses create personalized advertising campaigns that resonate with specific audience segments. 
  • Interest-Based Targeting: MatchCraft’s custom keyphrase and interest-based targeting feature enables businesses to identify and reach audiences based on their unique interests. By leveraging extensive data sources and advanced algorithms, MatchCraft helps advertisers understand the interests and online behaviors of their target audience. 
  • Retargeting Strategies: Retargeting is a powerful advertising strategy that empowers businesses to reconnect with consumers who have previously interacted with their brand or website. MatchCraft offers robust retargeting tools that allow businesses to create personalized ad campaigns targeted at individuals who have shown interest but have not yet converted. 

Using first-party cookie-based tracking and sophisticated algorithms, MatchCraft helps businesses deliver relevant ads to potential customers across various online platforms and devices. This strategy keeps your clients’ brands top-of-mind and increases the likelihood of conversion, ultimately driving a higher ROI for your clients.

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3. Social Media Advertising: Leveraging Engagement for Local Businesses

There are currently over 4.59 billion active social media users and counting online at any given moment. That’s why it’s important for small businesses to have a social media presence to increase brand awareness and promote content.

Social media helps brands build awareness, communicate with customers, understand their target market, and, most importantly, stay ahead of their competitors. 

Choose platforms where their brand’s voice can shine and effectively convey their message to customers. At MatchCraft, we support Facebook and Instagram to significantly boost visibility and engagement for your clients’ social campaigns.

Platforms Supported by MatchCraft

Facebook: Utilize Facebook’s features for small businesses by using ads to reach potential customers. 

Instagram: Promote on Instagram with visually appealing photos, captions, tags, and hashtags, or experiment with different ad formats. Users can also easily share posts with friends or through direct messages.

Integrating Targeting Strategies for Social Advertising

Integrating geo-targeting and behavior targeting maximizes the effectiveness of social media ads. Geo-targeting delivers personalized and localized ads to specific geographic locations, while behavior targeting hones in on users based on their online behaviors and interests. By combining these strategies, businesses can create precise ad campaigns that engage their desired audience and increase conversions.


4. Optimizing for Success: Search Advertising with MatchCraft

Search advertising provides the advantage of positioning your message in a visible, high-traffic placement. It is determined by the delicate algorithm of keyword targeting, bid, and quality. A well-crafted search ad that checks off these boxes has the potential to generate increased traffic, new leads, and additional sales.

MatchCraft’s Tools for Optimizing Search Ads

MatchCraft’s platform contains powerful features for optimizing search ads that businesses can use to effectively manage their keyword research and optimize their ad copy based on location and user behavior.

Keyword Library: MatchCraft’s taxonomy allows businesses to identify relevant keywords aligned with their target audience’s search intent, which enables them to create compelling ads for specific terms. It includes over 2,500 different verticals for local SMBs in 22 languages and dialects, plus the ability to develop new libraries in nearly any language.

Ad Copy Customization Based on Location: This feature is particularly valuable for multi-location businesses or those targeting specific geographical regions. With location-based ad copy customization, businesses can tailor their messaging to resonate with local audiences. This level of customization enhances the user experience, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

MatchCraft’s platform provides precise performance tracking for digital advertising campaigns. It consolidates data from various channels, offering a comprehensive view of campaign performance across channels and devices. Near real-time data visualization and customizable reports also enable businesses to monitor metrics, identify trends, and generate actionable insights. 

With transparent campaign measurement, businesses can assess the impact of their advertising efforts and optimize their strategies for maximum ROI. Make informed decisions and achieve advertising goals with MatchCraft’s platform.

Maximize Local Reach with the Experts at MatchCraft.

MatchCraft’s suite of tools and features empowers your clients to effectively engage with their targeted audiences. Through geo-targeting and behavior-targeting strategies, MatchCraft enables campaign managers to deliver personalized, relevant ads that drive higher engagement, conversions, and ROI. With our advanced platform and comprehensive set of tools and features, MatchCraft provides businesses with the necessary means to succeed in the dynamic world of digital advertising. Book a demo with our experts to learn more.