Meet the MatchCraft Taxonomy Team

Apr 3, 2017 | Product News

Could the MatchCraft taxonomy team be comprised of the most well-traveled people within the company? There’s a darn good chance!

The taxonomy team refers to around 30 MatchCrafters who research, analyze and create keywords & ad copies from scratch to deliver a library of ready-to-rock, localized, multi-tiered and tightly themed categories, keywords & ad copies, based on how products and services are packaged within a country and culture.

And we’re not just talking about any ad copy—we’re talking about copy that is sliced and diced to be understood and appreciated at the local level, for cultures around the globe.

Let’s back up just a sec and revisit the meaning—and importance—of taxonomy. It’s a complex pyramid of business categories, built from keywords and ad content. Its job is to make your business locally relevant.


The MatchCraft Taxonomy team at a glance

To give you an idea of what our impressive taxonomy takes to create, take a look at the MatchCraft taxonomy team.

These aren’t your typical digital marketers or SEM junkies. This is a team that is as unique and diverse as the clients—and local markets—that they seek to accurately represent.

A few quick facts about the team members:

  • 32 Team Members
  • From 19 Countries
  • 24 Different Native Languages Spoken
  • 70+ Unique Countries Traveled
  • 200+ International Trips Taken


What it takes to be a Taxonomy Ninja

You can be located anywhere globally, but you must be a native speaker, no ifs, ands or buts! We encourage you to go home and visit your native country at least once or twice a year, knowing that you keep up with the local news, culture, customs, and language.

Although we do require some basic knowledge of SEM, you don’t actually have to be an expert because you will become one as you work with us. Being in-tune with local culture & linguistics is so much more important.

Here’s a glimpse of what we mean, featuring our Italian team:

Translation: “Hi, this is Giulia, and I am here with Davide and Eleonora. Here are 4 dishes that Americans think are authentic Italian, but they are really not:


Try to go to an Italian restaurant, and order pasta with salsa Alfredo; or some spaghetti with meatballs; or some garlic bread to mop up your plate with; or even a salad with Italian dressing.

If you go to Italy, and you try to order any of these dishes, they will never serve them to you!”

Other must-haves include independence, curiosity and military-grade attention to detail. The team leverages its giant blanket of knowledge across many cultures to collaborate on categories and clients everywhere while making sure each taxonomy captures the unique features of every different market.


Why native language speakers are so critical

It’s this custom approach to every taxonomy that is so critical to success. Every country is different and our taxonomy experts work closely together to create structures of categories based on each market’s unique way of packaging products and services.

Larger economies tend to have more specialized services for example, and – as in the US – may have both a residential and commercial aspect to them. Education and Health systems are two verticals that may exist in all our taxonomies, but typically are “packaged” differently in different countries, cultures, and markets. This is why it really takes native, in-depth knowledge to understand these differences, making sure they get reflected accurately in each taxonomy, being able to select the right keywords as well as writing effective ad copy that really speaks to the local market.

By using native talent we are able to create accurate ad copy from scratch and use the terms and expressions most suited for that local market.

Having so many different languages in one room at once allows for a lot of fun and interesting comparisons and discoveries.

One funky localized word our taxonomy team found interesting was the word “bikini”. Here in the U.S., it’s a bathing suit but in Barcelona, Spain it’s a tasty sandwich, as well as, a bathing suit so it is important to know and understand the context!


Difference between MatchCraft’s Taxonomy & others

MatchCraft’s taxonomy team is laser-focused on delivering the best ad copy and keywords based on the best digital search practices in the business. We’re good at it (we’re not bragging – we’re proud) and we’ve been doing it for many years.

We’re constantly reviewing, making sure we stay up-to-date with changes in the market, search behavior, industry guidelines and policies, and overall always stay on top of the newest search releases—and we’re doing it all in the taxonomy library.

Yup, you can try to achieve the same level of excellence in-house, but there’s a massive cost to doing so.

Taxonomy is never a “set and done” thing, it is constantly evolving. That’s why having a team of globetrotters is invaluable to MatchCraft—we bring the local level in-house, so you get a battle-tested, proven solution customized to your market, enabling you to scale your search campaign management seamlessly.

Plus, you get to focus on what matters most: your clients.


Speaking of client dedication…

For the MatchCraft team, that’s the number one priority.

“The client experience is our number one goal. We work hard to create and localize high quality ad copies so our clients don’t have to,” said Hue, who leads the MatchCraft taxonomy team. “The number one determination of our success is the quality of traffic and thus, the ROI received by our advertisers.”

We’re confident you won’t find this level of service anywhere else.