Extend Your Budget Across Social Channels with Multi-Channel Campaigns

Jun 3, 2019 | Sales + Training

Clients trust you to drive traffic to their website, increase brand awareness, and generate conversions.

MatchCraft’s goal is to make it easier for you to meet (and exceed) your client expectations. That’s why we’re constantly thinking of ways we can automate processes for you, enable you to rapidly scale, and well, make your job a lot easier.

We’re proud to announce that social media marketing just got a lot easier, with our brand-new Multi-Channel Campaigns.

Read on to see how it works, why it’s remarkably effective, and how it can solve many of your pain points when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Introducing Multi-Channel Campaigns

Multi-Channel Campaigns allow you to combine social advertising on Facebook and Instagram, with search, display, and remarketing – all using a single budget.


Multi-Channel Campaigns give you the flexibility to extend your clients’ budget across channels, which has other benefits, such as shared reporting. By advertising with multi-channel campaigns, you’ll also reduce your clients’ chances of running into another stopped campaign issue again.

Support for Social Express is what makes Multi-Channel Campaigns powerful.

“Multi-Channel campaigns allow you to advertise across social media channels, via only one platform, allowing you to focus on what really matters: getting things done at scale. It’s a tool that gives you several campaign objectives and targeting options, making it easier to achieve your social media goals. Start creating Multi-Channel campaigns to streamline your efforts with social advertising.”

(Pssss: if you don’t have it yet, reach out to our client engagement team to get set up with Social Express!)


Solutions to your social media advertising woes

Multi-Channel Campaigns were designed to take a jab at many of your frustrations. For example:

1. Campaigns that stop running

  • Problem: Veteran and novice resellers alike have been there. You work hard to set up a single-channel campaign for a client, but it then stops delivering. Your campaign managers then must quickly resolve the issue to ensure the budget fulfills.
  • Solution: Multi-Channel Campaigns allows you to keep your clients’ spend going. If disapprovals, scarce inventory, or other ad platform problems, prevent a search segment from delivering, the social campaigns will continue to spend and vice versa. AdVantage helps make adjustments to keep your budget paced and on track for the remainder of the budget cycle.

2. Converting New Customers & Upsells

  • Problem: The market is crowded with competitors, making it more challenging than ever to get new client buy-in. Plus, upselling and managing campaigns for current clients is tough when it requires additional set up and separate budget streams. You need to present yourself as an efficient platform that can meet every need.
  • Solution: When you go to market and approach new clients, you can promote a streamlined, simplified approach to advertising and use it as a competitive advantage. Additionally, Multi-Channel Campaigns make it easier for you to achieve solid upsell opportunities with clients. Perhaps a client is advertising on Facebook. You can swiftly extend those efforts to, say, Google Ads too. Your customers will be thrilled to meet their target audience where they spend their time, and it’s an opportunity to test marketing across many channels.

3. Smooth operations

  • Problem: Managing campaigns for multiple clients can be grueling work. And when you’re managing them in various social channels, you’re essentially multiplying your efforts.
  • Solution: Manage and view performance of all your clients’ campaigns in a single view. Your clients can also see campaign performance for all social campaigns in one single view, with metrics combined from all sources with our Merchant Center located within our AdVantage platform. This saves significant time and provides a fast, snapshot view of what’s happening.

4. Minimal Setup

  • Problem: Stepping away from your daily operations to adopt new technology can be a hassle, even with the best of tools.
  • Solution: That’s why we do the heavy lifting. Set up requires minimal effort and time. Once you get rolling, MatchCraft takes over and does the work.


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