How Connect Benefits Partners

Jan 23, 2024 | Blog, Knowledge Center

How Connect Benefits Partners

At MatchCraft, we understand that empowering our Partners is the key to driving campaign success. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce MatchCraft Connect—a solution designed to make achieving the results you are after even easier (without going over budget, of course). So, if you’re reading this article, you might be asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?” Well, we’re glad you asked. In this article, we will cover how Connect benefits Partners in eight ways.

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8 Ways Connect Benefits Partners

In digital advertising, we know flexibility, speed, and innovation are key, so we designed Connect to deliver on all these fronts. From bidirectional edits to swift data migrations and real-time access to Google Ads beta features, Connect could be your ticket to a more agile and powerful advertising strategy. Find out for yourself by taking a look at these eight ways Connect benefits Partners

Bidirectional Edits

Connect liberates Partners from the shackles of limited editing options. Now, bidirectional edits can be seamlessly executed directly in the MatchCraft platform or by third-party editors. Enjoy the flexibility you deserve to optimize your clients’ campaigns effortlessly.

Swift Data Migrations

Say goodbye to lengthy data migrations, information loss, and other stressful complications that come with data transfers. Connect empowers Partners by offering the ability to link individual Google Ads accounts directly to the MatchCraft platform.

Real-Time Visibility

Experience immediate visibility of changes made to campaigns and accounts. Unlike the average hour delay found in Standard accounts, Connect ensures that your modifications are reflected instantly, providing you with the agility needed to get an edge over the competition.

Google Ads Beta Features

Don’t miss out on cutting-edge Google Ads beta features. Connect accounts provide you access to features not currently supported in the Google Ads API. Connect allows you to stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest innovations to supercharge your campaigns and win more bids.

Expanded Integrations

Connect expands your horizons by allowing Partners to use the Google Ads UI for detailed settings and integrations. These features make it easy to explore new possibilities for your advertising strategies.

Seamless Adoption

Concerned about disruptions during adoption? We get you. That’s why we took every measure possible to ensure most standard MatchCraft accounts can be smoothly converted to Connect without any interruption to active campaigns. That way, you and your clients can always enjoy a seamless transition to a more powerful and flexible solution.

Maximize Resources

Connect isn’t just about features; it’s about maximizing the resources that are available to you in the MatchCraft platform. Leverage the power of our AI tools for copy and ad suggestions, Bing Search Segment mirroring, and a myriad of other features to save time, money, and manpower—ensuring you get the most out of your advertising efforts.

Partners are Making the Switch

Over the last 12 months, we’ve witnessed a 435% increase in Partner Adoption, highlighting the growing recognition of the power of Connect. Simultaneously, Connect Account creations have seen 2951% growth in the same period. The numbers speak for themselves—Partners and clients are making the switch and reaping the rewards.

In a nutshell, Connect is more than a platform upgrade; it’s a Partner-centric solution crafted to unlock your campaign’s full potential. Helping you reach more people, and achieve better results. Ready to take your campaigns to the next level? Grab your copy of our one-pager “Unlocking Partner Success with Connect” and discover how you can achieve better advertising success with MatchCraft Connect.