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Search Engine Marketing is now one of the most commonplace methods of marketing online. Certainly auto dealers also can benefit from this kind of marketing for their website. Here, we’re going to discuss the basics of digital marketing and how specialized content marketing for auto dealers will drive traffic to your website and your dealership!

5 Impactful Retargeting Ad Ideas for a Successful Campaign

Retargeting ads is a powerful trick in a digital marketer’s toolbox. It’s an opportunity for you to reinforce your brand in the minds of viewers who have already visited your website.

Best Time to Run PPC Ads

What if we could divulge the best times to run Google ads (PPC) to get the best results?

Matchcraft Call Tracking

Serious marketers know that the secret to successful campaigns is data. Lots of data! That’s the beauty of platforms such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords. They enable you to run highly targeted campaigns and immediately see what the heck is going on—and how you can improve. There’s just one catch.

5 Objections Local Businesses Raise about Search Marketing

Even with all the data showing that consumers increasingly rely on online search to make purchase decisions, some local business owners still resist spending money on search marketing. Handling objections to search marketing is an important skill for digital sales teams.

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