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5 Google Analytics Features

Google Analytics is jam-packed with features that give you an instant status on your website’s health, mishaps and opportunities. The only problem? Most marketers don’t have some of the best features of Google Analytics enabled—leaving opportunity for optimization on the table.

Landing Page Best Practices Matchcraft

Whether its purpose is lead generation or to serve click-through traffic, the design and composition of a landing page will determine the conversion rate and the overall success of the advertising campaign.

Content Marketing Strategy 2016

Over three-quarters of businesses employ a content marketing strategy, but only 37 percent of that same group thinks that they use it effectively. Modern internet users are constantly bombarded with various content, which makes it easy for them to ignore most marketing.

Google and Facebook Dominating Online Advertising

Businesses seeking to carve a bigger piece of the online advertising pie – or get a first sliver – might be intimidated by how companies such as Google and Facebook dominate in the arena.

7 Techniques for Effective Landing Page

The landing page, whether onsite or offsite, should be designed to direct consumers and potential clients and customers to and through your website. Typically, a landing page will contain a call-to-action, but getting consumers to follow the call-to-action isn’t always as easy as you might think.

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