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Why Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Should Include Both Free and Paid Digital Marketing Tactics.

3 Tips Google AdWords

You’ve mastered the basics of setting up a Google AdWords campaign, which means you’ve done your keyword research, used correct match types and set up tight, highly relevant ad groups. Despite doing all that, your campaigns are still suffering from high cost-per-click rates, which eventually pushes up your cost per conversion.

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The latest statistics indicate that almost a billion people log in to Facebook every day. From CEOs to college students, I’d actually bet a pretty penny that your grandma just started sharing cat videos on her timeline; point being, everyone is on Facebook.

Re Evaluate Digital Marketing Campaigns

Even in this era of on-demand everything, ROI for digital marketing campaigns often takes time to become apparent: Forbes estimates it takes at least 90 days for a pay-per-click campaign to fully take hold. But how do you know when your efforts aren’t simply slow to grow — they’re just falling flat?

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According to a recent report from Hanapin the advertising world is looking bright for pay-per-click advertising. Text ads, remarketing and mobile ads have exceeded many expectations in 2015, leading to higher budgets for 2016.

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