Industry Updates

COVID auto impact

Over the course of the pandemic, our friends at Microsoft Ads have released several trend reports, that provide valuable insight into how consumer sentiment and behavior is shifting as a result of the pandemic. Noted in this whitepaper are our key takeaways and action recommendations, pertaining to the automotive industry, as well as links to the reports themselves.

SMB Digital Outlook


In October, Localogy's President, Bill Dinan joined our team during the monthly all-staff meeting to share Localogy's finding on the expected recovery timeline for SMBs and their revised outlook towards digital as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Take a look at our infographic to see the key statistics that were discussed. 

Pandemic Europe


The pandemic has adversely impacted business owners throughout the world and the uncertainty, about how soon businesses will be able to bounce back from the effect of the lockdowns, still looms heavy in everyone’s minds. 

Google Ads API

Yesterday morning, Google announced that their long-anticipated Google Ads API was officially moving out of Beta into general availability. The engineers at MatchCraft have been using the Google Ads API since its beta availability in 2018 and have been quite pleased with several impactful improvements over the AdWords API. Working closely with the team at Google has afforded us the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the development process. Here’s a look at some of the highlights identified by engineers Kevin Nguyen and Vipin Sharma.

Virtual Centric Workplace 2

For many organizations the shift from in-person to virtual offices has proven challenging. Our focus on employee engagement has been a key factor in our ability to successfully transition to a fully remote team overnight. 

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